Tips For Big Living in Small Spaces

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Recently there has been a growing trend in small space living.  Smaller homes or apartments are easier and more cost effective to heat for one reason. For another these homes often have smaller house payments or rental costs. An added bonus if the upkeep is much easier. It takes less time to clean, plus you aren’t tempted to have so many things that you rarely use. Less clutter frees up your time and peace of mind. But even then, the average person has a lot of possessions they need and want so where do you put it all? These tips and ideas for compact living keep you living large but your space cozy and inviting.

big living

Create an Illusion

A room doesn’t have to feel like a closed in box in a small home. There are optical illusion tricks interior designers use for transforming rooms into presenting a larger appearance. You can take advantage of these tricks yourself. For example, by placing large mirrors on one wall you can open up a room by reflecting it back in the mirrors.  Colors are another trick.  Avoid too many separate colors while decorating. Using many totally different colors in your décor tends to break up the room into chunks which will make it look smaller. Instead use the same color throughout a room with a variety of patterns and shades of that color.  Use light generously in your home.  Not enough lighting creates shadows and draws corners and walls in. Bright lighting opens up the room allowing your eyes to see all of it therefore tricking your mind into thinking the room is bigger than it actually is. So when a room is in use at the time, don’t be afraid to light it up well.

Creative Storage

One question always comes up about small space living. What about storage? True, it is a little more challenging in a smaller home but it can certainly be done.  Think double use when it comes to your furniture.  Instead of an ordinary bed with box springs, get a platform type bed which replaces old fashion box springs with drawers. Some couches now have storage space under the cushions in a boxed compartment. Even benches and ottomans are made with removable tops or pull out cubby holes. For other storage think “up” and “on”.  Hooks and shelves are great ways to store odds and ends. Hang pots from the ceiling on a spruced up bicycle wheel.  Fashion and attach a line of baskets or small crates to the wall to keep lightweight items in reach. Who says spices have to be in a pantry? Hang a small plastic shoe organizer on the side of your refrigerator or a wall. Put a spice bottle in each pocket. Free up counter and drawer space by hanging a painted pegboard on the wall. Buy colored pegboard hooks at a hardware store. Now you have a colorful cute place to hang scissors, crafting supplies, utensils and more. Make the most of cabinet space with small organizers. They come in many styles and colors enabling you to double up space. No more jumbled falling over stacks all falling out when you open the cupboard door.

Everything in Its Place Creates More Space

This is of course, the golden rule for any size home, but it is vital in a smaller home. Designate a box to routinely get rid of things you no longer use.  The average home contains many duplicate items. You only use one at a time so why have so many?  If you are saving clothing or personal things that you think you might use  one day, but never do, into the donate box it goes. You can make your own life and home better and help those less fortunate at the same time. Once the box is full donate it to a local shelter.

Living in a small home can be just as comfortable as living in a larger one.  It can also be healthier because of the less stuff, less stress way of life.  With a little planning, routine decluttering and creative thinking you’ll love your mini home sweet home.