Three Ways Cycling To Work Can Get You a Raise or a Promotion

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With fuel costs going up almost every day, cycling to work becomes a more viable option than ever before.

Sure, you may be sweaty once you get to your work place and I am quite sure that you may smell. However, that is nothing that a good deodorant and a better disinfectant soap can help you with, and compare that with the expenses that come with owning a car or going with public transportation, cycling is the lesser of the two evils.

Then again, you may not be that willing to ditch the car, bus, train or any other form of public transportation, especially since you are used to it. However, would you be willing to change your mind if I tell you that cycling can help you get a promotion or a raise?

  1. Be a Happier and More Productive Employee – Studies show that there is a direct relationship between employee attitude and productivity. While most of these studies show need to be further delved into, more often than not, people who are promoted or a raise are often those that are productive, and a person usually is productive if he or she has a positive attitude towards work. Sure, positive attitude does not always mean happiness. However, would you be willing to bet against a happy employee being non-productive?

If you exercise, which you do when you cycle your way to work, you increase the production of endorphins – the “happy” hormones – to your body, which then allows you to feel happier or more positive, which in turn allows you to be more productive, which may allow you to get that raise or promotion you have always wanted.

  1. Look Better When You Are Fit – We live in a world wherein looks affect how we rank in the workforce. The better you look, the more you are up for a promotion. Hence, exercise makes a direct impact on your chances for promotion or for a raise. Additionally, you are more confident if you look better, and confidence can affect your work productivity, which in turn may make you more productive and make you better positioned for a raise or a promotion.
  1. Shop For a Better You – The money you saved from your entire car and public transportation expenses may directly go to your shopping money, which then allows you to spend plenty of money for shopping and for better clothes. Better clothes mean a better looking you, and well, we all know where that will go.

After reading this, you may think that the world is shallow and say that looks are everything. However, you may want to keep in mind that this article does not aim to tell you that, but rather, it aims to tell you how cycling to work can help you be more productive, look better, be healthier and more importantly, get a raise or a promotion.