These Are the 10 Happiest Suburbs in India

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Everyone on this planet wants to be happy. Often, the place we live and the atmosphere we have shapes and influence many of our personality aspects. The city we live in and the people we come across are some of the major aspects, which would change and influence our life in a drastic way. A city or a place can make a person happy or sad. Here are top cities or suburbs, which are the happiest in India:-

  1. Chandigarh: – the dual capital city of Haryana and Punjab tops the list of happiest cities in India. It has everything for the perfectly satisfying and fulfilling lifestyle. From pure Punjabi food to jolly good people, it has every ingredient to serve the delicious dish of happiness and joy. It has some great educational institutes and some great companies to ensure that everyone has a bright future and they progress.
  2. Lucknow: – this city and the capital of Uttar Pradesh have it all to make it to the list of the top 10 happiest cities in India. Great education, splendid job opportunities, good governance etc. form a part of this city and make it one of the most populated cities as well as one of the happiest cities in India!
  3. Delhi: – the capital of India is no less in being happy! It ranks third in the list and has all it takes to make it one of the happiest cities in India! It also has some of the finest educational institutes, excellent job opportunities, a flawless metro system, etc. to make it one of the most happening places in India.
  4. Chennai: – Detroit of India is at the fourth position in the list. It has everything with a touch of bliss! This southern city also has one of the highest literacy rates in India and is growing at the speed of light! It is ever expanding and there is no stop to the happiness, development, and growth that this city offers to the people!
  5. Bengaluru: – Bengaluru or Bangalore as we all know it makes it to the fifth position in the list! It is one of the most popular cities in India and has some of the greatest companies as well as educational institutes. No, wonder why there are plenty of people looking for a rented house in Bangalore!
  6. Patna: – an unexpected yet deserving city in the list, Patna makes it in the list at number six! This city has everything and is the capital of Bihar. The city is the largest in Bihar and much of its revenue and population is in this state!
  7. Pune: – the second largest district in Maharashtra, this city is known for its party life and the joy of celebration! No wonder to its position in the list! It has every element to keep the residents happy and celebrate life each moment!
  8. Bhopal: – the capital of Madhya Pradesh makes it to the list. It is a calm and silent city and has a unique lifestyle! The lifestyle has surely bought happiness to its citizens!
  9. Bhubaneswar: – this is the capital of Orissa and probably the most well-known and popular city in Orissa! It has great ingredients for being a happy city and it is a surprise as well!
  10. Kolkata: – the joyful and the culture rich city of West Bengal is the last city on the list! Though a huge city and with a mighty population, it makes it to the list and manages to keep the people happy with all the necessary elements!

Thus, the above are the top 10 happiest cities in India!