The Steady Advancement of Satellite TV

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Where it Began

The first, historic, live transatlantic broadcast was made possible by Telstar, a spherical satellite the size of a beach ball on July 23, 1962. Dreamed up in Bell Labs and built by AT&T, this inaugural satellite “shrunk the earth overnight” according to New York Times television Jack Gould. Telstar went quiet for good in 1963 but still circles the earth today, a monument to the birth of satellite communications.

Size Matters

The earliest satellite dishes were about the size of 2 picnic umbrellas, which detracted most people from getting them. Today’s dishes are much smaller, about 18 inches across at most. The dishes are easily mounted anywhere making satellite TV a much more viable option than it once was. Some people even paint or decorate their satellite dish to match their house or style.

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TV Viewing

Satellite systems in the past gave viewers the ability to see odd things, such as off-camera moments and live feeds between broadcast stations, which broadcasters didn’t really want watched by typical viewers. With the advancement of satellite TV technology, these problems no longer exist. Satellite TV companies offer normal local programming and a multitude of specialty programming.

Better Quality

Most satellite TV is now sent out in digitized format, which provides excellent sound and picture. Satellite TV companies offer a variety of high definition channels, and reception quality is much better compared to past options. Satellite TV offers more distinctive content hands down —more news channels, sports and special interest channels, and exclusive programming.


The Digital Video Recorder was such a revelation when it was first revealed, quickly taking the place of the VCR because of its easy convenience. Now the newest DVR borders on being a personal computer, capable of feats that even 5 years ago would have been laughable. Some of the new DVR’s come with a built-in feature that lets you watch anything on your DVR wherever you have an Internet connection.

New technology enables you to transfer video to your iPad for viewing at a time when you might not have Internet access, or watch from any browser using your satellite TV company’s updated website. Ever dedicated to your convenience, satellite TV companies provide ultimate luxury and ease for those shows you just cannot bear to miss.

Commercial-free Entertainment

One new feature some satellite TV companies offer automatically records all the primetime shows on the four major networks. It stores these shows for up to a week in an easily accessible folder. Another new feature allows customers to record without commercial interruption. Now your favorite sitcoms are only 21 minutes and hour-long dramas last only 43 minutes! You can use this unique service beginning as soon as 4 hours after the shows have ended.

Better Value

When satellite TV began with its large, unmanageable dish and complicated processes, it was an expensive prospect to have installed and to watch. Today, satellite TV companies offer some of the most competitive deals in the industry. Many sell packages of more than 200 channels, many in High Definition, for under $60 per month.  The quality for the value is perhaps the most considerable change satellite TV has experienced.

Technology is advancing at an incredibly fast pace. Satellite TV is both taking advantage of these technological advances, and engineering them to make your television viewing experience better than ever.

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