The Face of New Wave Marketing

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Posters, brochures, billboards and broadcast media are all parts of most marketing campaigns that we see today and in years past. Although it would seem that the marketing stage is still set the same there have been many changes and evolutions within marketing practices. With the development of the internet a whole new area has been opened up to marketers that allows them another way into the minds of their target audiences.

wave marketing

The internet began as a rather crude looking bunch of websites, and has managed to change and shape into something that seemed almost unimaginable at it’s inception so many years ago. The introduction of  blogs and social media/ networking sites offer a way for brands to really connect with their customers on a regular basis. This means that the brand get’s some staying power from their advertisements. It also allows a connection on a level that is more personal than was originally possible as brands can comment in real time about happenings that matter to their audience.

Some of the sites most commonly used for brand connection in the new wave of marketing are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linked In
  • You Tube

You Tube may be one of the most crucial players in new wave marketing, depending on who you ask of course. Many brands have their own accounts and create special videos for their channel. This allows them ,firstly, a drastic amount of savings as television and radio advertisements can be incredibly costly. It also allows them to reach people all over the world and if the video is  very well received they even get some free publicity as it is shared and goes viral.

The next big player in new wave marketing is Twitter. A Twitter account allows a brand, business or non-profit the chance to connect with the other 175 million registered users. The nice thing about twitter as opposed to the former ways of interacting with customers is that twitter allows real time interaction. If the brand asks a question they will get an answer from followers immediately, and vice versa when a consumer questions the brand. It also allows consumers to get to know the brand on a deeper level and to find commonalities in what they stand for and believe in.

Perhaps one of the best things that has changed in the marketing scene, which was provoked by a change in people and how they choose who they will do business with, is that most brand support causes–and do so openly. Consumers like to know that what they are buying could possibly help someone or something. This is due to consumers being more conscious of the world they live in and the brands have responded.

New wave marketing techniques rely on finding commonalities with consumers. The brands of today have more responsibility to the world and the people as demanded by consumers and social media strategies communicate this to their audiences. The brands strive to make the customers feel that by buying their products and supporting their brand will do so much good and the customer themselves will become a part of the brands family. It is a very inclusive and communal way to create loyal consumers. Loyal consumers who are confident in the brand and products are what every business should strive for. So if your company is not yet employing all the new wave outlets, you may be missing out on a chance to really connect with your customers…both current and potential.

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This is a guest post by Vic Abrams, an occasional guest-blogger and a full-time design enthusiast. She currently writes on behalf of Prints on Wood a large-format print company that specializes in photo printing on wood . Besides of design, Vic likes to do sports, her favorite one is tennis.