The “Coolest” Hotels in Switzerland

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Want a really cool vacation idea? One you are sure to remember? One that provides a unique and fascinating story for future dinner parties? Take a vacation to an igloo hotel in Switzerland. That’s right, stay on a Swiss mountain side, in an igloo made of real snow.

While these rooms of ice feature fewer amenities than most Switzerland hotels, they all have two things difficult to find anywhere else: unspoiled views of the northern lights, and a purely magical connection to the Alps. It’s literally the coolest vacation around.

Iglu-Dorf Gstaad: Hot Romance in Icy Rooms

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Perhaps the most well-known, and most authentic Iglu-Dorf experience in Switzerland, Iglu-Dorf Gstaad igloo hotel offers one sought after amenity: the special romantic igloo complete with a whirlpool and private bath. Designed to enhance your privacy, it’s perfect for adventuresome couples looking to kindle romance in one of the coldest places on earth. If you can spark romantic fires here, you know you’re in love!

This igloo town features standard igloos for families and individuals, with shared bathrooms. There is a mountain peak sauna, and a restaurant for breakfast. Surrounded by 3000 meter mountain peaks, you’ll enjoy the most sweeping views on earth. Pack your warm clothing, boots, gloves and winter gear. Guests take a cable car up the mountain and hike to the village.

Take the Fast Track to Fresh Powder

Love to ski? You’ll love Iglu-Dorf Davos-Klosters, a skiers paradise! Nestled inside the Parsenn ski arena, you’ll be surrounded by four top ski regions. After a nice, hot sauna in the morning, strap on the skis, and take a run before the lifts start for a taste of untouched, fresh Swiss powder!

You can also enjoy night hikes, and snowshoeing in this private, secluded area. This location also features a cozy romantic igloo complete with warm Eskimo fur bedding and beautifully carved snow art.

Seek Adventure in Isolated Mountains

Located at the Trübsee, a beautiful mountainous region, Iglu-Dorf Engelberg-Titlis rests at 1800 meters. Extremely isolated, you’ll feel like one of the only humans in the Alps! Expect a spectacular view of the night sky, with stars completely unspoiled by city lights.

This region is well-known for its wilderness, and appeals to adventure seekers. You’ll find all sorts of exciting sports here including snowmobile super-cross, and paragliding over dazzling mountain terrain.

Take in a Famous Mountain View

The dazzling Iglu-Dorf Zermatt village sits next to Switzerland’s most famous mountain: the Matterhorn. You’ll enjoy a stunning view of the towering, pyramid-shaped mountain, along with snowshoeing, hiking, and skiing in rugged, nearly untouched terrain.

Afterwards, enjoy the comforts of a heated igloo with a chimney and fireplace. The hotel offers a unique hot and cold stay option (one night in a cold igloo, and one in a heated igloo) for your comfort. Beats roughing it in an icy room.

Igloo vacations are not for everyone. But if you want a truly natural adventure unlike any other, add this vacation idea to your ‘must-do’ list.