Staging Tips to Help Sell Your Home Faster

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One piece of advice is very common for house hunters—look past what is to see what could be. Excellent tip for sure, but one of the things that this group of people has the hardest time doing. Emotions run high in the search for a new home, and first impressions can make or break your chances for a sale. Doing all you can to create a space that people can see themselves in now is paramount. You are probably very emotionally attached to your home, which makes it hard to see it from a more objective perspective of a buyer. But, this can spell trouble. If you are interested in selling your home sooner than later, staging may be something to seriously consider. Here are just a few helpful ways to prep your home for showings:

Get the Outside in Tip Top Shape

The outside of your home is the first thing people will see, and you want to create a favorable impression. You do not have to do anything drastic here, unless of course the area is in need of serious rehabbing. First and foremost, give everything a good power washing—your siding, porch and driveway are probably coated in a nice layer of grime and this alone can make a huge difference. Get a new door or repaint it. Add some color with flowers, whether in window boxes, lining the walkway or placed on the porch. Trim trees and shrubs and get rid of any clutter.

The Clutter Must Go

Clutter is problematic in many ways when it comes to selling a house. First, it is unattractive plain and simple. Secondly, it sends a message to potential buyers that can be a kiss of death for seller– that you lack adequate storage space. While it may be time-consuming to go through everything, and add an additional expense in the form of a storage facility, it is one of the most powerful staging techniques available to you.

Replace Flooring if Necessary

Flooring is one of the first things a prospective buyer is going to notice, and if he thinks it needs replacing, you can guarantee he will subtracting that cost from the offer, anywhere from 5,000 to 15,000 depending on the size of the home. In almost all cases, replacing it yourself will cost far less.

Go Neutral with Paint

Painting is one of the most dramatic ways to boost the attractiveness factor of your home, and it is also one of the least expensive. You may love the pink walls of your bedroom, or your lime green bathroom, but others may not be so enthusiastic. Remember—people have a hard time seeing past what is right in front of their face. Stick with neutral shades, like tan, taupe or grey. Keeping the ceilings white can create an illusion of taller walls. Even if your walls are currently a seller-friendly color, if you have not painted them in at least two years, it is time for a re-do.

Create a Gender-Neutral Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is a particular point of interest when shopping for a new home, and to create the broadest appeal possible, make it a gender-neutral space. A design that is clearly very feminine or masculine does not fit in with one of the cardinal rules of preparing your home for sale—depersonalization.

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