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Forget About Waiting In Lines To Hit The Slopes

When you’re sitting, strapped into your seat onboard a helicopter, think about the other skiers who are lining up, waiting for the chance to ascend a crowded mountain slope at a ski resort. You’re on your way to a fresh, untouched, powdered slope, with a choice of many high altitude runs that the resort bound skier will never see or experience. You’re living an adventure heli-ski... »

Tips to choose the right course for you golf vacation

Tips to choose the right course for you golf vacation

Perhaps your clubs are ready for a game of golf, but you still have not decided what course in what location to choose. Although the choice of golf destination and course depends mainly on your budget, it is equally important to take into account the style of your game. If you are new to the game, it is not the best idea to choose island courses with high level of complexity. Eventually, you will ... »

College Football Game Tradition and Guide to be Winner

There are many odd traditions in college football and the sort of things that make casual fans scratch their heads in bewilderment are in many instances the exact same things that make extremely zealous fanatical fans love their favorite past time even more. Building a successful college football program requires several key ingredients; the work to build losers into winners has begun. It is appro... »

Winter Olympic Awards

Background of the Winter Olympic Awards

The Olympics is a world-wide athletic event that dates back to 776BC. While a lot about these events have changed through the years, the one thing that has remained consistent is that the Olympics are designed to find the greatest athletes in the world. In 776BC, each winner of an event was awarded with an olive wreath to adorn on their head. Today, the olive wreath has been replaced with the cove... »


How to Train Your Child for Equestrian Riding Events

Introduction Horse riding is a beautiful art, and while we’ve replaced a great percentage of the transport with cars, our love for the animals is still just as strong. It’s lovely to be able to stay true to our heritage, and keep the skill alive of being able to properly and traditionally ride. There are many equestrian riding events and training opportunities today; here is how you ca... »

Sport in France

Exploring Sport in France

For the people of Britain, holidaying in France is very popular. Accessible by car, it is one of the cheaper holidays abroad. Many go to explore the sprawling countryside, the extensive coastlines, and to absorb the culture. Tourists often overlook sport in France – a shame, as sport plays a vital role in the social fabric of this wonderful country. Below we look at some of the best sporting... »

Achievable Life Goals

Now You Can Have Totally Achievable Life Goals

Every time you ring in a new birthday, especially if it’s a milestone, you might start thinking about all those “what if’s.” You probably have a huge list of goals, whether they’re written down, featured on a vision board or simply stored in your head. Luckily for you, many of the most popular goals are completely manageable with a little planning. Aim to complete at least one goal per year, and y... »

Exploring Your Snorkeling Fin Options

Exploring Your Snorkeling Fin Options

The fin aisle in the dive shop can feel like a confusing place. There are so many different styles and builds, so many brands and models, a dazzling array of colors, dozens of different fins to meet a wide variety of needs. It takes a while to develop finely tuned preferences so beginning snorkelers often wonder what type to invest in first. This quick guide can help. Boot versus Strap Both types ... »

ski camp

A Ski Camp In Chile Is The Coolest Summer Camp Ever!

Skiing in summer may sound unrealistic to many North Americans. But it is possible, if you plan to visit any South American ski destination in summer. Summer skiing is, in fact, a very popular and enjoyable activity in the southern hemisphere. In truth, thousands of visitors flock into many countries in the southern hemisphere in order to enjoy skiing or snowboarding in the South American style. I... »