What Makes a Spinner Ring the Best Option to Wear to a Party

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Spinner rings are a style of jewelry that has been around for hundreds and hundreds of years. This type of ring consists of an inner band and an outer band. The outer band, which is often different in appearance, spins around the inner band.

Throughout history, people have believed that playing with a spinner ring helps to calm the mind of the wearer. In fact, some studies have shown that repetitive motion, such as that involved in playing with a spinning ring, helps to reduce tension and anxiety levels. Known traditionally as Tibetan worry rings or prayer rings, these bands are just as popular today as they ever have been.

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Try Wearing a Spinner Ring to Your Next Party

Have you ever felt uncomfortable or nervous in group settings? Does the prospect of meeting new people start your heart racing? If so, a spinner ring might be the most important accessory you can add to your party outfit. If you’re feeling ill at ease and a little nervous at your next get-together, try fidgeting with your spinner ring. This may sound like strange advice, but remember that the repetitive motion involved in playing with the ring actually has been shown to help calm you down. This is a much healthier – and safer – option than reaching for another cocktail!

While there’s no doubt that spinner rings have a reputation for helping to alleviate stress, they also come in a variety of attractive designs for both women and men. This makes this unique jewelry style the perfect fashion accessory for active partygoers. Consider, for example, a men’s spinner ring in brushed stainless steel with a spinning chain design. Any guy – even one who doesn’t usually wear jewelry – would be comfortable with this unmistakably masculine motif. If you’re looking for a band with a little more polish (literally), look for a mirrored-finish band made of polished tungsten carbide.

If you think the selection of men’s spinner rings is impressive, you’ll be equally amazed by the variety available for women.  Whether you’re looking for the latest fashion or something more traditional and historic in appearance, you’ll find plenty from which to choose. One fine example is a woman’s spinner ring that combines both 14k gold and silver.

Another reason that spinner rings are a great choice for parties is their price range. Although you can certainly find more expensive rings on the market, particularly those made of precious metals, you’ll also find a large selection of bands that are very reasonably priced. If your budget is limited, look for rings made out of contemporary materials such as titanium and tungsten carbide. These modern metals are remarkably durable and hypoallergenic. In addition to their natural gunmetal grey color, you’ll also find black bands, as well as silver-colored and gold-toned rings. With prices so affordable, you can really dress up your party attire by wearing several rings at the same time!

It’s no wonder that spinner rings have been a favorite of people from all over the world for centuries. Just think of it – what other form of jewelry can help you look your best and calm you down at the same time? Different types of jewelry are worn for all kinds of reasons: a wedding ring to symbolize your commitment to your spouse; an antique brooch in memory of a beloved family member; or a cross or other religious symbol to acknowledge your faith. However, another reason to wear jewelry is simply because it’s fun, and this ancient and unique style of ring is – without a doubt – fun. So the next time you’re putting together your party outfit, don’t forget the spinner rings!

Cindy White writes about spinner rings and other jewelry for JustMensRings.com.