Resume Writing Myths Debunked

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If you are searching for the perfect job, you know just how important it is to submit the perfect resume. Your resume may be eye-catching, free of grammatical errors, and detailed enough to describe you and your experience, but are you falling for the myths? There are a lot of myths circulating about resumes and you may be sending out a single sheet of paper that will not land you an interview let alone a job. Here are 10 resume myths debunked that you need to know about before you fax, hand deliver, or email your final draft.

Myth 1: Your Resume Cannot Be Longer Than a Page

If you have a lot of relevant work experience, squeezing all of your skills into one page may be difficult. You do not need to fit all of your employment history and skills on a single page, you just need to make sure that each page is not filled with too many words.

Myth 2: Your Resume Needs to Be Fancy

You do not need to spend hours trying to use a fancy format or layout tool. In fact, if you are emailing your resume or the document is scanned into a system, the formatting can become a problem. Avoid using symbols or formatting code to ensure your resume is as simple as possible.

Myth 3: Spelling Errors Will Land Your Resume in the Trash Bin

It is imperative to do a resume review and check for typos, but if you miss a spelling error or you use the wrong job it does not necessarily mean that you will not get that call to schedule an interview.

Myth 4: References Are a Must

It is generally a waste of space to notify the HR manager that references are available when requested.

Myth 5: All of Your Soft Skills Should be Listed

While skills are important, most HR managers want to know what you have accomplished over the years. Do not take time to copy the required skills on a job ad and paste them to your resume.

Myth 6: You Have to Have an Objective

Recruiters today are much more likely to skip over the career objective to read skills to qualify an applicant.

Myth 7: Color is Prohibited

The eye is drawn to color and you can brand yourself with it. If you are marketing yourself, use color appropriately and people will remember the mark you have made.

Myth 8: All of Your Contact Information is Required

You will need to include the best way to contact you to land an interview, but you do not need to include your home address, fax number, email address, and phone number all in one heading.

Myth 9: Do Not Use Targeted Resumes

Focusing your resume is essential in today’s competitive world. Content that is targeted to a specific position or employer is much more likely to get noticed.

Myth 10: Separate Achievements

You accomplish goals in each position. If you want to show off your achievements, make sure they get seen by including them under work experience and not a separate header.

What you have always thought was the perfect resume might not be. In today’s modern times, you need to understand how technological advances affect job seeking before you start the process. Review your resume, make the necessary adjustments, and even learn how to use web conferencing services just in case you have a virtual interview.

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