Resolving Money Issues To Fix A Broken Relationship

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Many relationships break up over money. This could be because there isn’t enough or one person earns a different amount than the other. It could be over debts or spending. There are lots of aspects of money that can potentially cause stress and disagreement. If you want to get back in a relationship that broke down over money issues, then there are a number of things that you can do to resolve it.

Pay Off Debts

If it is your debts that caused the problem, then paying them off, or starting to could be a great help. This may not be easy as you may have to find a way of earning more money or cut down on your spending to release enough funds to start making repayments. It can be worth it though as it will not only benefit the relationship but it will benefit you personally as well. If you can get some of the debt paid off, then you might be in a position to get back with your ex as you can show them that you are making a good effort to get it paid back in full.

Change Spending Patterns

It can be a good idea to change the way that you spend money so that you have more available. This may have been the route of the problem, perhaps with you spending more than your partner or buying things they felt were unnecessary. If this was not the main problem, it could still help if you spend less money because there will be more money available to spend on other things. It could help pay off debts or resolve the other financial problems that you were having.

Earn More

Earning more money can help to resolve a lot of financial problems. It will mean that you will have more money available to spend and that should help to take some of the pressure off. This may not be easy but it is worth asking for a pay rise, seeing if you could work more hours, changing to a better paid job or getting more than one job.

Accept The Way Things Are

If it is not you that is having the financial difficulties then it may be a case of having to accept that you ex will not change. Many people do think that they can change their partner and perhaps by paying off their debts or nagging them they will stop overspending or borrowing or whatever.


It is so important to make sure that you have completely forgiven your partner before you try to get back with them. Whether your finances were at fault, theirs or both of you were to blame you need to make sure that you do not still blame them for the problems.

Work Through Things Together

Once you have decided that you want to get back together with your ex and have looked carefully at your finances and made appropriate changes, then you need to consider talking together about it. Make sure that you get back on good speaking terms first and then discuss what you intend to change. Explain what the problems were and that you will change or are willing to accept the way things are and see what happens. Talking can be the very best way to resolve things.

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