Pick Up Lines That Just Do Not Work

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Ah, the art of crafting the perfect pick up line… For some guys, it just falls painfully short. What guys think is a really good pick up line often makes women go back to her friends and laugh—or worse, leaves her feeling uncomfortable and searching for a way out.

Pick Up Lines

Here are some of the most (un)popular pick-up lines and why they don’t get the intended results.

• Do You Come Here Often? This is one of the most over used and least creative lines ever used. While it may be a genuine question and not meant as a pick up line, surely you can come up with a more interesting way to ask the question.

• Can I Buy You A Drink? Again, this is over used and unoriginal. Instead of opening up with the line, try a different approach. A new take on the question is to ask her opinion of what a good drink would be because you are tired of the same old thing. When she makes a suggestion (she will almost always suggest a drink that she likes) order two—one for you and one for her.

• You Must Be an Angel Because I’m In Heaven/Did it Fall When You Fell From Heaven? While the sentiment is sweet, it’s been done to death. It may have worked the first few times it has ever been said, but these two lines have been around for a very long time and it is highly unlikely you’ll get a positive reaction if you say it.

• Any Kind of Lewd Comment That is dripping with Sexual Innuendo. You and your friends may think lines like these are amusing, but to any lady that you try them on with not be amused. Most times she will think you are immature and you are a horn-dog who only approached her because you want to have sex with her. That is definitely not a way to get her attention.

• The Lines That Insinuate She is Lucky That You Are Talking to Her. Yes, it’s true that women like a confident man. What women do not like is when he is arrogant. You could be the most attractive man in the room who has a huge wad of cash in his wallet, but if you make it seem like you’re doing her a favor by talking to her, she won’t be impressed at all. There’s not a bigger turn off than a guy who is arrogant. It just makes him look bad.

If you’re nervous about talking to a lady, you would be better off paying her a genuine compliment and asking her for her phone number rather than trying to use a cheesy pick up line. Women don’t want to hear things that aren’t genuine and that have probably been used by every man at any given time.
Simple things to remember: be creative, be genuine, and be yourself. It’s that simple.

About author: Sandra Baker is a dating adviser, psychologist and content writer for Wildbuddies.com. With years of experience in the dating field, she knows how to help singles meet their soulmates and find a date online.