Pairing Vintage and New Trends

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Whether you want to pair pearl earrings with your latest outfit or a vintage diamond brooch made by Platinum, there’s no doubt about it – vintage style jewellery has never really gone out of fashion. Not only does this timeless style of jewellery fit in perfectly well with the modern outfits of today, but it’s a wonderful way to add a personal touch and indulge in colours that truly complement and enhance your personality.

Image by Christine

Something to be mindful off where pairing vintage jewels with modern threads is not to overdo it. Choose a quality piece to offset your outfit and personality. One of the best combinations is a necklace of, say the 40s era, matched with stud earrings and even a sleek ring.

Another factor to consider is avoid mixing metal colours. Try to categorize different metal families such as donning a silver cocktail ring with a brass cuff.

Talking Stones

Many vintage pieces boast gorgeous rhinestones and crystals. These pieces are usually best kept for special evening occasions. A daytime event may not quite bring out the true essence of the piece and its elegance.

Thinking Outside the Box

When it comes to wearing vintage jewellery like a diamond brooch made by Platinum, you need to think outside the box. They’re not the sort of pieces, like todays’ jewels, that can be thrown together with just any outfit for any occasion. You need think carefully. Here are some tips:

1.      Throwing on a piece or two of jewellery

Having a trendy outfit complete with vintage jewellery takes your outfit from everyday trend to an absolute original. Vintage bracelets or bangles are a great way to complete a modern outfit.

2.      Adding a Layering Piece

It’s not just vintage jewellery that can complete today’s outfits. Have you ever considered a vintage blazer to go with that diamond brooch made by Platinum? Blazers are fantastic for throwing on over jeans or a dress and make a bold statement bound to spruce up any outfit.

3.      One Vintage Item per Outfit

Finding and wearing just one vintage piece at a time is really simple. It also means you don’t need to put too much thought into looking like you’ve just stepped out of another decade altogether. You don’t want to come across as outdated!

4.      What About Sequins and Beading?

If you’ve got an event to go to, or even not, you may feel like adding some sparkle to your outfit. For this, vintage beading and sequins are perfect – the intricacy of the vintage pieces make a wonderful statement, especially if worn during the day.

5.      Accessorising with Modern Items

Once you’ve built up a collection of a couple of vintage items, you might find yourself wearing all vintage clothes. Not to worry – pair these sorts of outfits with modern belts, shoes and handbags. By adding accessories you can embrace current trends while boasting vintage class, elegance and style.

6.      Playing Around with Trends

Fashion is one continuous cycle. Those flared jeans and platforms that are so in today, your mother probably wore in the 1970s. Midi skirts made a comeback straight out of the 1950s and 1960s. Make use of the mix of vintage accessories and modern takes on trends to create your own, unique style. Whether you’re sticking on a power suite paired with a diamond brooch made by Platinum or really working that baby doll dress and pearl layered necklaces, pairing vintage with modern shows you don’t need to follow trends to look classy and stylish.

Have a couple of vintage pieces in your collection but do avoid wearing them all at once. A bespoke piece should offset the outfit – too much and risk the chance of looking aged and old-fashioned.