Oral Sex Mistakes That Every Man Should Avoid

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Men often end up making mistakes in bed because of the excitement and the rush to get to action. This will often leave the woman not satisfied and frustrated which can have a negative effect on the relationship. Sex therapists advocate for communication in all relationship where a couple can speak openly and honestly. This way, both parties can help any issues that affect their sex lives and come up with solutions to remedy the situation.

Footsteps in the Sand

Being spontaneous in a relationship brings in a different twist in the bedroom by creating sexual tension. Alternatively, you can use various techniques such as role play, reading exotic media together or even trying out different sex positions. A lot of women appreciate oral sex but unfortunately, very few men know how to do it. Listed below are some common oral sex mistakes made by most men:

1.       Not understanding your needs

For good oral sex, the man needs to understand what turns on the woman and what turns them off.  Men end up limiting oral sex to the vagina and nipples while they have more sexual zones if the man would just take the time to find out. Alternatively, just going ahead and asking what pleases the woman the most would come in handy. The couple can also play games to find out each other’s pleasure zones but all in all communication is essential.

2.       Taking things too fast

Men usually get turned on so fast that they do not realize that they are taking things too fast for the women. It is important to always keep in mind that women need a significant amount of foreplay and stimulation. The slower it is the more pleasurable it will be for the woman and you can both have a pleasurable experience.

3.       Making bad comments

Oral sex is an activity that is very intimate and making bad comments about the woman will immediately turn the woman off. You should never make bad comments about the smell of the vagina because it depends on various issues. Some of these issues are the hormonal status, acute or chronic diseases, menstrual cycle, health status and even diet. If the smell is that bad, you should tactfully suggest visiting the doctor to have the issue checked. On the other hand, when the smell is only strong but the woman is healthy, then simple dietary adjustments of more fruits will improve the condition. However, oral sex requires you to be responsible and ensure personal hygiene because it can be uncomfortable for the man.

4.       Not listening

During oral sex, men often make the mistake of not listening or following the body language of the woman. Some movements may be misunderstood during passionate moments but it is highly likely that the woman is directing you. You should never restrict the women from making slight movements especially when they are uncomfortable or do not like the route you are taking. If you are not sure what her movements mean, then you should just ask if she is okay.


5.       Being too rough

Most women’s erogenous zones such as the clitoris are very sensitive and you should avoid intense force with sex toys, fingers, teeth and tongue. Rather than provide the woman with pleasure, it will end up being a very unpleasant and annoying experience. Most women prefer a man who is going to take time to hug, caress, kiss and seduce them rather than hurry to strip off their clothes. Do not try to force the woman in positions that are uncomfortable and awkward just for your own pleasure. As a man, you should make sure that the enjoyment and comfort of the woman is taken care of for maximum pleasure.

6.       Unshaven face

It is no brainer that an unshaven face will be very uncomfortable especially when you are going down on her. Before performing oral sex, it is highly advisable to have a clean face so that the woman does not end up feeling like she is being sand papered. If you have a beard that you do not wish to get rid of, then you should trim it first.

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