Must Have Accessories for Your AR

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Everyone who purchases an AR will immediately be caught with all of the available accessories. The large number of available accessories can make deciding which ones you need difficult. Of course if you are on a budget, you will only want to purchase the most needed accessories at first. Which AR accessories you will need will depend on how you will be using the gun. The greatest part of owning an AR is that they are completely customizable to the wants and needs of the owner.

A classic AR gun

A classic AR gun

Optical Sights

An optical sight is a must have for any AR no matter what the use will be. There are many great sights to choose from that range from heavy to light and have a magnifying power up to four times. In addition to purchasing an optic sight, you will want to be sure to buy an optic mount in order to easily install your sight. The manufacturer of your sight will determine which mounts will work. When selecting a mount consider how you will be using the weapon in order to choose a mount that can withstand the wear and tear.


The standard trigger that comes on an AR can cause issues with firing the weapon properly. The trigger that is typically used on an AR is known to lock or misfire frequently. One way to correct the issue of trigger malfunction is to change the trigger to an aftermarket part. There are a number of excellent replacement triggers that simply drop into place making changing the trigger a simple to complete task.

Lasers and White Lights

Lasers are used to show the trajectory of the round you will be firing. Proper installation of a laser is the key to insuring peak performance. By installing your laser so that you only have to adjust for elevation rather than direction can decrease the deviation of your point of aim. White lights are used to illuminate the object or area in which you are aiming to shoot. As with all AR accessories there are different options for a white light. You can choose the SureFire which is a rugged white light. The other option is the Insight which is lighter and more cost effective.

This accessory helps prevent blisters on the AR

This accessory helps prevent blisters on the AR

Vertical Foregrip

This accessory is used to insure your hands are in the best location to control all of the other accessories you have added to your AR. Being able to keep your hands in place while also being able to use the laser, lights and trigger simultaneously without having to remove your hands. If you are on a budget with your accessorizing, look into the foregrips that come with lasers and light included as this can often save you money.

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