Multi Fuel Stoves – Your Burning Questions from Barnsley answered

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Whether you live in an apartment in Athersley, a terraced house in Tankersley or a semi in Silkstone, a multi fuel stove could transform your home.

With access to cheap fuel, and a roaring fire at the flick of a switch, flooding your home with the glow and warmth of a real fire is difficult to resist.

But if you long to install a multi fuel fire in your Honeywell house, but have never been quite sure how it works, this guide is for you. We answer some of those burning questions that multi fuel stove novices have always wanted to ask.

Carron 11kW SE Red Enamel Multi Fuel / Woodburning Stove

Carron 11kW SE Red Enamel Multi Fuel / Woodburning Stove

Isn’t it terribly complicated?

Most of us can remember struggling to light a barbecue or failing dismally to get a camp fire going and are worried about suffering the same plight in our front room.

Being cold and chilled to the bone is a miserable experience and there’s not a person in the country who can honestly say they wouldn’t mind having a source of heat which is temperamental and tough to use.

The good news is that multi fuel stoves are nothing like what you might have used in the past. With most models controlled by switches, if you want to turn the heat up or down, it’s simply a flick of the wrist.

Unlike an open fire, the temperature of multi fuel stoves can be easily controlled and any change has an immediate effect, giving you all the benefits of real flames without the hassle. You don’t need to be experienced in laying out fires, nor a whizz around the campfire, multi fuel stoves are so simple to use even a child could do it. But we don’t recommend you get a child to try.

Town & Country Whisperdale Multifuel Stove

Town & Country Whisperdale Multifuel Stove

What’s so great about them?

With the price of gas, electricity and oil rocketing ever higher, many homeowners are looking for an alternative source of energy to heat their homes. Multi fuel stoves in Barnsley provide the opportunity to use cheaper fuel and also the chance to pick and choose, depending on what’s available.

Multi fuel stoves can be linked up to the boiler to heat the hot water and even the whole central heating system if you want to go the whole hog. Or they can simply be used as the primary source of warmth in whatever room you so choose.

As well as economy and practicality, they add a charmingly rustic quality to your home and perfectly complement many types of décor. If you’re enjoying the current shabby chic trend, you will find either a multi fuel stove or even a wood burning stove will fit in perfectly with your furnishings.

Why can I buy a much cheaper stove if I look elsewhere?

Ah, a very good question indeed! Although we strive to keep our prices down, it’s important to remember that you are dealing with an appliance that houses blisteringly hot materials. It’s therefore imperative that you make sure what you buy is of an acceptable quality.

Whilst it’s certainly true that in some walks of life, the cheapest goods suffice perfectly well, and are only missing a few unnecessary whistles and bells, the same cannot be said of multi fuel stoves.

Stoves which appear especially cheap could well be made from steel or cast iron of questionable quality. This can be the case particularly if your stove was manufactured overseas.

Poor quality steel will warp with relatively little use, rendering your stove defunct whilst poorly cast iron will crack, an even more dangerous situation. Even if you are operating on a tight budget, don’t be tempted to risk your safety by purchasing a poorly constructed stove.

You may well find that you a multi fuel stove is more affordable than you thought. Handy online calculators will help you work out exactly what output you need; many people overestimate this and find that a stove with a smaller output – and is therefore cheaper – will provide their room with all the warmth they need.