Immigration to Canada: news, facts and characteristics

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Canada is one of the most popular countries in the world, receiving flows of immigrants every year. Its relevance is primarily explained with the existence of a special immigration program. Significant pluses are not limited with this fact only. The country has a vast territory and relatively small population density, which makes immigrants attracting economically feasible. Local residents are very loyal to immigrants of all nationalities. Moving to Canada for permanent residence is available on different backgrounds. Recent news on this topic will be described in this article. First of all, it is business immigration (it should be noted that almost all highly developed countries provide a similar opportunity, as the attraction of additional investments is profitable even for the most populous and prosperous countries).


The following forms of business immigration are available: registration of own company, immigration as an investor (significant financial resources are required in this case) and self-employment.

The first kind of resettlement in Canada is hardly a priority, since the conditions are very stringent: need a successful business experience, a firm must have a high share capital and turnover. In the second case you are, in fact, issuing a credit to the country, which is returned to you within five years (alas, without interest). This is definitely the fastest and the most convenient way to move, but it requires you to have almost a million dollars. Self-employment is also an option not suitable for everyone: it is a good way to immigrate for prominent sports and arts persons. The only loophole for this category is to become a Canadian farmer, but you will also need a lot of money on purchasing a farm and good living conditions support. So, business immigration programs in the case are hardly suitable for common man.

However, Canada’s resettlement program is famous primarily for independent immigration, which provides a chance to move for people who do not have a solid bank account. However, it is necessary, first, to have a profession in demand in the country, and secondly – to get a certain number of points (currently – 67 points), according to criteria that evaluate your professional and personal qualities, biographical facts for successful independent immigration.

Here is a list of significant criteria (people earn points based on them): age – of course, people of working age are appreciated, languages, ideally you need to speak English and French, education – higher education is almost certainly need, maximum points are added for a degree, job by function – every year this criterion brings more points, already existing (pre-arranged) job place in Canada provides – this criterion provides additional points, relatives living in the country is additional plus, another plus is studying or working experience.

Well-educated person who has worked for several years on the popular specialty has all chances to immigrate to Canada. However, main drawback of this scheme is a long period of documents consideration and decision making. All procedures stages may take three years or even more.

Another possibility is family sponsorship immigration. Truth to say, you need to have wealthy enough relative abroad who wants to help you to resettle. We hope that his news will be useful for those willing to move to Canada.

Cory Neal and experienced blogger Mattie Nguyen about Canada immigration news and tendencies.