I Think I’m Addicted! How Can I Get help?

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If you think you have a problem with alcohol or drug addiction, then what can you do?

The first step in any recovery program is for the addict to admit that they have a problem and are powerless over the addiction, whether it is to drink, drugs or something else. If you’re still living in denial about your addiction problems, then any attempts to try and get clean are likely to fail. Admitting powerlessness over your particular addiction is key when entering any rehab programme.

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Addictions that do not involve substance abuse such as shopping, gambling or sex addictions are regarded as compulsive behaviours but are treated in much the same way as better known addictions such as drugs or alcohol. Obsessive and compulsive behaviours can produce a “high” produced by endorphins being released in the brain when someone carries out these particular behaviour patterns. The high gained by compulsive behaviours affect the same receptors in the brain that are affected by drug and alcohol use. Therefore,

There are different ways to treat addiction. Here are some of the most popular.

Residential Rehabilitation

residential rehabilitation centres are recognised as one of the best ways to overcome alcohol addiction. They have a higher success rate than most other methods. Residential rehab clinics provide 24-hour care and supervision to help give an addict the best chance of recovery. There’s no access to alcohol or drugs at all, and this lack of availability makes the initials stages of alcohol rehab easier. Residential rehab facilities also have counsellors on hand day and night in addition to regular counselling sessions for whenever a patient needs to talk.

 Addiction is primarily a psychological condition and is often deeply rooted in unresolved emotional issues. In addition to essential counselling and therapy, alcohol and drug rehab also focuses on living a healthier lifestyle or re-educate the recovering addict in ways to live a healthier lifestyle. This will inevitably include overhauled diet and regular exercise sessions.

Outpatient treatment

Out patient alcohol rehab treatment means receiving care and treatment during the day, but going back to your own home in the evenings. This can make recovery more difficult, although it can still be an effective means of beating alcohol or drug addiction. Simply by being back at home it may be more difficult to resist temptation and break old habits and start drinking or abusing other substances. Only the most retirement will succeed and some people may find that resisting temptation in the any stages of recovery is nigh on impossible unless they are away from the home environment.

Self Help and Support groups

There are many different types of self-help and support groups that most are based on the 12 step program originally developed originally by the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous. Some groups may have changed and modernised some of the steps slightly, but the principles remain finally the same. By following the prescribed steps, an addict is forced to examine their past behaviours after admitting powerlessness over their addiction. Self-help groups can be a great way to help overcome addiction and there are meetings locally all over the country.

There are lots of different types of rehab help available when someone decides they are ready to give up drinking. There should be no barriers to recovery and anyone who has a true desire to give up an addiction can go on to live a healthy and clean lifestyle free of alcohol or drugs with effective rehab help.