How Virool Promotes your Videos

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For any business, it is vital to have as many people know about your service as possible. When setting up websites and online videos, there is a concern about how many people view the content you are publishing. This is where the service Virool comes in. They provide affordable ways for businesses to promote their content to millions of consumers. Their aim is to allow anyone from small time Youtubers to big businesses to have their content go viral on the Internet.But how do Virool offer this service? And what platforms can you advertise on?

Social Networks

The growth of social networking sites have provided opportunities for advertisers to reach new demographics. Facebook (at the time of writing) has 665 Million active users daily. Being able to reach these Internet users means that social networking is a vital advertising space. Social media usage is an ever increasing, and therefore ever expanding opportunity. Virool supports major social network sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. Options such as these allow you to target your advertisements based on the demographics you already hit, and new ones. LinkedIn would be an area to target in order to gain a professional audience and connections.

Blogs and Relevant Websites

It’s all well and good having your videos on social network sites in order to gain more views, but what about relevant views who engage in the content? Targeting advertisements to an interested audience is a sure fire way to increase traffic and engagement. Placing your video on blogs and relevant sites (in line with the business) will connect with like minded individuals who are perhaps on the lookout for new content or a new service. Having your video on sites while they look for that service will help them find you faster. This engagement will increase with the relevance of the sites you are promoted on. Virool helps you find and promote your video on these blogs and relevant websites.


Mobile Apps

With the amount of mobile phones and tablets out there, the potential marketing space is huge. Virool helps put your videos on to popular apps on both the iOS and Android marketplace. The iOS and Android operating systems account for roughly 90% of the market right now. Virool therefore helps you reach 9/10 of mobile phone users, should you choose to target popular and current mobile applications on the selected platforms. Virool isn’t restricted to just apps though, they also allow for video promotion within mobile versions of popular websites. Phones and tablets are designed for easy and quick video watching, meaning these mobile sites provide a great opportunity for video publication and advertising to consumers on the go.


Although Virool offer advertising on all these other platforms, there is an ever expanding market where subtle video advertisements can pay dividends. Virool are partnered with big firms who provide popular phone and online games.Having an advert on these games reaches a certain demographic, depending on the content of the game. Again this is the best way of hitting a particular demographic and reaching a set audience. As mentioned, this can be a bonus, as adverts associated to major games can provide excellent word of mouth and a spreading reputation.

Virool promotes your videos by providing you with a large range of Internet sites and services. These range from social network sites to mobile applications. Having these services available means you can tailor your campaign to certain demographics and sectors, gaining the best possible user engagement.

Virool clearly can promote your videos – whether your target audience like them or not is down to the content. Even if the feedback is negative it is not the end of the world! By clearly being able to see who liked or didn’t like your videos you can adjust the content accordingly.

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