How To Use Your Website To Convert Your Videos Online

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Technology has made it possible for us to convert videos to mp3 format without much hard work. In today’s world, everything in the media is digital but still mp3 format which has only audio beauty attached to it has its own importance. You have a video, good in quality but you need only the audio of this video, then video to audio converters is what you need. The technical world has made it even easier for you to convert videos by providing you with an option of converting videos online without having them downloaded into our system from before.

What do these sites provide?
Online video converters give you this feature of converting video format into audio or any other format online only. You do not need any software or the video itself to be downloaded in your system. There are many websites for this purpose. These websites not only give you the option of downloading videos from other sites but also provide you the option of converting the videos into the format that you wish to. You just need to follow some of the common steps to get your video converted into audio or any other format within a few second depending upon the size of the file you want to convert.

Steps you need to follow:

  • Go to the website from where you want your videos to be converted into your desired format. These websites are called source websites and the video that you want to convert is called the source video.
  • You need to click on the video and play it.
  • As soon as the page having the video is loaded, copy the URL of the video.
  • Go to the website which offers online video to audio conversion.
  • On opening the website you will find different dialog boxes for different websites. But the thing that these websites have in common is the source address space where you need to paste the URL of the source video.
  • As soon as the URL is pasted in the space provided another box appears with an option of selecting the output format, which means the format in which you want your output file to be.

Note- this option may vary with different websites as most of the websites have only a specified output option.

  • The format that you will select for the output file will be the format in which the file will appear after the process of downloading is complete.
  • Click on the convert button on the website page and you will witness that the video is getting converted into the respective formats that you have selected.

Most of the websites show the current position, time elapsed, time remaining etc. for the purpose of serving their users well. As soon as the file has been converted into the format that you wanted it to, it is ready for the download process. You just need to download it and you will get the video in your desired format.

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