How to Train Your Child for Equestrian Riding Events

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Horse riding is a beautiful art, and while we’ve replaced a great percentage of the transport with cars, our love for the animals is still just as strong. It’s lovely to be able to stay true to our heritage, and keep the skill alive of being able to properly and traditionally ride. There are many equestrian riding events and training opportunities today; here is how you can help your child prepare for them and get them well on their way in their journey on horseback.

Getting to Know You

If you’re looking into this as a mother or father, then the best tip in our ‘how to’ is to get your child starting riding lessons right away. Children that have grown up with horses have a definite advantage, whether it’s infrequent or regular contact. The more you can get them familiar and confident in being around the animals as early as possible, then they’ll be much stronger in their progress when it comes to riding. Normally, children will be best to start riding around the age of 6, depending of course on their height, weight and personality.

Once you know that your child is ready and excited to learn to ride, then it’s time to find the right place to learn!

Horse riding is something that can be taught from a young age.

Horse riding is something that can be taught from a young age.

Choosing the Experts

As we’ve said before, horse riding and training for equestrian events isn’t like riding a bike. It is not something that you can teach your child yourself, not least because you will not have the facilities to prepare them for the high standards and traditions of riding events.

You need to find an equestrian centre that can show your child everything they need to know, and bring them on in leaps and bounds. When it comes to knowing horses, riding, etiquette and technique, their standards are the absolute highest. Enrolling for lessons, and additional training for events if needed is a must, and they’ll be able to bring your child on in their gift and encourage their affinity for the majestic animals.

Learning equestrian sports is a great activity for children

Learning equestrian sports is a great activity for children

Eat, Sleep and Breathe

Dedication and discipline are incredible gifts to be able to give to your child from an early age. While you’re in no way making them grow up too fast, these basic principles will help them at every stage of their lives. You will need to encourage them to read books about riding, and show them how to take care of a horse and develop a good friendship with it.

Horse riding is about nurturing a love between you and your animal, and you can train your child for riding events by getting books, resources and even searching the internet for tips and techniques! Why not try to go online and find some great videos that can help build on the training they’ve received while at home?

The Right Attire

A great way to make sure your child is ready for equestrian riding events is to teach them how to dress, and hold themselves. Of course, this will all be covered at a riding academy or equestrian centre, but you can still help them practice and get them the proper equipment. Some simple ways you can help your child get ready to ride are firstly, to make sure that they’re dressed comfortably and appropriately. A good helmet is the first thing you should buy. Although hire of a helmet is often built into the cost of your riding lessons and training from the experts, it’s great to buy one for your child that is the perfect fit. Training your child for an equestrian riding event means making sure they’re well prepared with gear, as well as ability. Don’t let them bring valuables with them, like phones or jewellery.

You might not want your child trying tricks like this to begin with.

You might not want your child trying tricks like this to begin with.


While training sometimes seems like a list of do’s and don’ts, it’s much more of a journey for your child to get ready and enjoy riding events. There is a lifetime of enjoyment to embark on, and years of fun getting to know and love the companion that you’ll ride. Training your child for a riding event is only part of the picture, and everything leading up to their first event will prove a worthy investment. Take the time to find the right place to teach them to prepare and ride, and when they show off everything they’ve learnt at their first equestrian riding event, don’t forget to bring tissues and a camera!


Image credits: Golbenge and Nick Savchenko