How to organize unforgettable Spanish vacation

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In Spain, there are many interesting things and places that any serious tourists must visit and see. That is why, in case you decide to organize a trip to Spain, you must know what is necessary to explore first of all, determine your priorities plan everything correctly. You should understand that it is almost impossible to see all must-see places and visit all must-visit cities during one tour, as this captivating European country offers boundless opportunities for sight seen lovers.


So, in order not to spend your long-awaited holidays in a hassle, the tourism experts advise to choose the one city for your first visit to Spain. And, of course, any experienced traveler will advise to start exploring Spain from the capital. Madrid is the city, which can be described in words. There are so many places, where you can spend a great time and get an unforgettable emotion. You can walk, discover numerous architectural monuments, take bright pictures to be able to share your impression about this beautiful countries with your friends and relatives on your arrival.

Of course, it is very important to see all the most popular sights of the city and take as many pictures as possible. However, this shouldn’t be your only goal. First of all, when attending a new city every dedicated tourist wants to feel and understand the atmosphere of the place, find out about all the important elements and features of the local lifestyle, get information about customs and traditions of the country.

Madrid is the right city to find out more about Spanish culture. The experts in the sphere of tourism advice to visit the capital city of Spain and organize the tour without the assistance travel agent. As the practice of many tourists shows that if you want to understand Madrid, you must do this on your own, with the map and detailed plan of places of interest that you want to visit. Don’t even book a hotel. Check apartments rentals offers and you will definitely find the right place for you. Don’t let nobody, including hotel staff, distract you.

It is far more interesting to discover the new city, when you are not limited with the excursion schedule. Rent a cozy apartment in one of Madrid districts where you will feel yourself in element and start enjoying your staying in this picturesque city. It is not that hard to find the right accommodation as you may think. You will definitely find a lot of rentals offers that will suit your budget and your taste. Experienced tourists that attended Madrid several times advice not to look for apartments in the center of the city, as there you will have to pay a pretty penny for your temporary accommodation.

It is more sensible to look for a play to stay, which is located away from the city center. Don’t worry, in such places the atmosphere is even more exciting. In such districts of Madrid as Centro you will find a lot of cozy cafĂ©, where you will be able to taste delicious Spanish cuisine. Gourmets recommend necessarily to taste such dishes of local cuisine gazpacho (cold tomato soup), paella (fried rice with vegetables, meat or seafood) and sangria (refreshing cocktail made of wine with fruits).

So, plan your Spanish holidays yourself and have an unforgettable vacation.

Salvador Allison together with tourism expert Amber Barber sharing tips on affordable rentals in Madrid and providing other useful advice for travelers.