How to Hire the Right Excavation Contractor for Your Construction Projects?

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Trenching and excavation are some of the riskiest construction methods; excavation is man-made trench, cavity, depression or in simple words, a big cut in the earth’s surface. It is a very important factor in the area of construction to dig the earth, so that structures and foundations can be built. The task of leveling and digging the soil and ground can a little tricky, especially for larger projects. Hence, it should be handed over to the professionals, who can handle the work efficiently and systematically.

Ability to Handle All Kinds of Work

They should be knowledgeable enough to handle wide range of projects; if it is about construction of swimming pool, then extensive digging is required. They should plan out the work moves carefully, properly measure and do. When appointing excavation contractor, you need to determine the type of their service, understand the options available, get quality work at good price, and make informative decisions.

Construction Projects

Check References

Not every professional has the same potential. The sense of satisfactory quality, skills, and experience vary considerably. It is advised to understand the work and your options before proceeding to judge the job quality and performance of the contractor. You can collect referrals from trustworthy realty agents, designers or builders. You can also seek it from local building authority or reliable material suppliers. It is suggested to check BBB for complaints. Ensure that the contractor is fully insured and licensed, so that you don’t face any problem in future and if you face too, they are there to help you.

Check the Insurance Coverage

You can ask for the insurance certificate before beginning the work; every reliable, reputable contractor should have liability coverage, workman compensation covers for work related damages, health risks, and injury. The contractor should also be licensed by your state. In order to check his license, you can search online or telephone directory of your state’s pro license department or board.

Verify Quality of Equipment

Make a note of quality and work requirements of contractors that you shortlisted; it’s imperative to compare and put your best effort in finding the right contractor, who helps in getting the expected result that matches your requirement. While interviewing them, you can ask about contract terms, warranty, payment, how the price is estimated, and how they can handle the project, in case of change of orders.  Verify bond coverage, insurance, and references for final candidates.

You can find many geotechnical construction services, including MoreTrench that specialize in build/design solutions through high quality service. The excavation support of is committed to offering high quality results; the experts, and skilled technicians give honest advice, helping customers to get the best possible results as per their requirement and budget.

Get the Contract Terms Jotted Down

Ask for the written agreement from your contractor that enhances the odds of success during work. Do not let the contractor to start the work, until and unless you’ve read and signed the complete document. For small projects, usually written work order will be presented, while detailed contract is needed for larger projects.

The contract agreement should include worker conduct, job site cleanliness and rules for usage of telephone (landline connection), on-site bathroom, and so on. There should be clear guidelines about usage of material, items installed, and work to be performed. The contract must contain details related to payment criteria, quality, and project completion. You can ask for detailed summary of payment milestones, fees, and contract cost adjustments, workmanship warranty and change order rules.


The hourly rate for contractor could be from $50 to $70; you can try negotiating if other tasks are also carried out by contractors.

It is good to get estimates from minimum 2-3 reputable contractors; check whether the quotation includes demolition and design services. If you are satisfied with the price, their quality of work, and materials used, then give them the go ahead along with first payment.

On the Whole

The excavating contractors can handle a range of activities, jobs, or issues; summarize your requirement, learn about options, and costs to choose the right candidate.It is very important to choose a reliable, reputable, and professional excavating contractor, who take care of the surrounding structures as well to avoid damages.