How to Find Properties for Sale Online in the Marylebone area of London

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Marylebone is an affluent part of London and as such, property in the area is very sought after due to its central location. It is close to numerous forms of public transport, as well as being within easy walking distance of Oxford Street and Regents Park.

Finding property for sale in Marylebone online is a lot easier then you might initially think. With the wonders of the World Wide Web, you can view lots of properties without even having to leave the comfort of your own home. The question is, with so many websites, where do you begin? 

Search Engines

Search engines are some of the most visited online destinations; after all, they are often the gateway to where you want to go. There are numerous search engines that you can utilise, including Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Marylebone is a famous area of London

Marylebone is a famous area of London

The key to getting the most out of search engines is being specific with your search phrase. In this case, you should make sure the terms ‘property’, ‘Marylebone’ and ‘for sale’ are all included. Extended sentences or detailed searches aren’t beneficial and don’t usually produce many appropriate results, so the simpler the better.

The search engines will produce a large array of results; literally thousands. Not all of them will be helpful; it’s likely that the first 2-3 pages will provide you with the best results. Equally, be sure not to just go with the first site you click on, you’ll get a better overview of what’s for sale from a variety of sites. 

Use Your Bookmarks

With so many results, you might be a little overwhelmed, but you don’t need to be! If you seem to have found a few fantastic websites, but you just don’t have time to look through them all now, then why not bookmark them for the next time?

If you open the websites and then click ‘bookmark’ at the top of your window (or on one of the menus) then you can save the link to the site. Even if you close the window or even shut down your computer, next time you log on, you can simply go to your bookmarks list and view the websites you saved from last time. 

Estate Agents Websites

Whether you find estate agents’ websites through your search engine results, or you’ve picked up a card from a shop, online information can be very helpful. You should particularly look for estate agents that are in Marylebone or very close, as they are most likely to know what property is available. Information on this site was quite helpful.

Check out local estate agent websites

Check out local estate agent websites

Estate agent’s websites should show you pictures of the properties as well as providing important information such as the council tax band, and specific measurements of the rooms. This information can help you narrow down which properties you’d like to look around. 

Call the Estate Agents

Finally, once you have had a look through various websites and you think you’d like a little more information, or want to book an appointment to look around a property, and then call the estate agents.

Looking online is the best way to do the initial research. You can see all the property that’s available at your own leisure. You don’t have an agent pushing you into properties you’re not that interested in. When you do find a few you like, then you can take the next step when you’re ready. 


Using the web is a fantastic way to find properties for sale in Marylebone. You can take your time and view a wide variety of properties from the comfort of your own home.


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