How to Control Haulage Costs

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Travel up or down the motorway on any day of the week and you will quickly realise that a lot of the vehicles around you are associated with haulage companies. Logistics is arguably one of the biggest businesses in the country and while fuel costs might be constantly increasing, the simple truth is that firms have to sacrifice a little profit in return for their operations to continue to run smoothly. In short, logistics is the bread and butter of a lot of UK firms and even with the extortionate fuel costs, the industry is still riding strong.

Haulage Costs

One of the main reasons why there are so many players in the haulage sector is due to the huge profits that can be made. Businesses constantly bemoan the costs of transporting their goods around the country but again, they are not blessed with any other alternative. Therefore, the purpose of this guest contribution is to take a look at several measures that you can take to slash your haulage costs.

Make sure your loads are consolidated

If your business is heavily focussed on logistics and you are sending multiple pallets to different areas of the country on a daily basis, there’s no doubt that some consolidation should be considered. Some haulage firms may attempt to charge you for each individual load – but make the point of saying that some pallets should be sent together. If you can manage just a little consolidation, your fees should drop.

Utilise security and tracking devices

A lot of businesses are securing their goods with high security locks before handing them over the haulage firm. Such measures really are understandable, with more and more stories arising of drivers being ambushed on stop-overs while the goods are stolen.

The haulage industry is now open to countless security devices and by clicking here, you will gain a better understanding of the products available to your business. As well as the locks, tracking systems are available which will pinpoint the exact location of your goods and also inform you if the pallet has been opened with. Suffice to say, if you can deter any foul play attempts, your costs will drop over time.

Research fuel charges

If you want to make sure your haulage partner is not ripping you off, this could very well be one of the most important tips. Many haulage firms periodically put their prices up and if you dare question the practice, you will usually be informed that it is due to fuel hikes. Therefore, have a look at the current fuel indices and analyse whether or not the company have a valid right to the price increases. If they don’t, you can question them, but the usual course of action is to find an alternative firm who will price their service fairly.