How Much Actos Compensation Can I Get?

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Actos is a type 2 diabetes medication and some people have found that they have got bladder cancer as a result of taking it for a prolonged period. People have made claims for compensation for getting the illness as well as for loss of income and medical bills. These values will differ depending on the specific case.


The amount of compensation you get will depend on several factors. It will depend on how serious your condition was and whether it was fatal. If the disease was treated and then came back, then this would mean a higher pay out. The actual amount will be decided by the judge. There is no specific guidelines for this, because each case is so different. Your lawyer will be able to give you an indication of the minimum and maximum compensation that has been paid in the past and possible what range you should expect to be paid within.

Medical Costs

You will have found that treatment for your cancer will have cost money. If you had insurance, then you will not have had to pay directly. However, you will have increased premiums as a result of your condition and the risks of it returning. You may have not had insurance and therefore had to find the money yourself. Your insurance may have only paid some of the costs of treatment. The court will make sure that your medical costs are all taken care of which should apply to both the costs of treatment and any increase in insurance costs due to the increased risk of further illness.

Other costs

There may be other costs as a result of the illness. You may have had to pay travel to the hospital, for example. You may have needed special care that you had to pay for or equipment in the home to help you with mobility or other things. You should be able to claim back any of these costs.

Loss of Income

If you are unwell then it likely that you will have to take time off work. Although most companies have a sick pay scheme, it may be that you will not be paid your full income. You may miss out on the opportunity to get overtime or bonuses or even to earn commission. You may be able to get this money back if you claim compensation.

So it is therefore not possible to say exactly how much compensation you will get if you make an Actos compensation claim. However, it is likely that you will not only get money back to cover any costs that you had as a result of the illness, but you will also get money to cover any loss of income as well as compensation for the stress and pain you suffered. Although the money will not take away the physical and mental damage, it will help to prevent one cause of stress and worry. Financial matters can be a massive cause of stress and so not having this worry can make a big difference.

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