How Fast is Cable Modem Internet?

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Broadband internet (or cable modem internet) has been one of the most widely used internet connection solutions for home users for more than ten years, and it doesn’t appear to be going away any time soon. Broadband internet comes in many different packages for many different types of users. The larger the package is, the more application the user will more than likely get out of it.

cable modem internet

Home users are given many different options from various internet service providers, or ISPs, regarding the types of services they can get. The lower end or basic packages are typically anywehre from 3 Mbps up to 20 Mbps. Higher packages that are often described as “turbo” or “extreme” are often around the speeds of about 30 Mbps to 50 Mbps. For users who need as much punch as they can get, companies like FiOS offer speeds of over a whopping 100 Mbps. That averages out to more than 12.5 Mbps per second!

Generally, home users subscribe to basic packages with speeds of around 6-18 Mbps. These types of speeds are great for the users who browse/shop online, check email, stream videos, playing online video games, use Facebook, and more. Generally, these types of plans are ideal for homes with 1-2 devices that are connecting to the internet.

Faster packages usually have speeds of around 20 Mbps to 50 Mbps, and they are more geared towards power users or homes with several devices connecting to the internet. These speeds are ideal for downloading big files, seamless online gameplay, video streaming, working from home, uploading large files, and so much more. Power users or large households can get the most out of these types of packages.

Lastly, the quickest packages available are 50 Mbps and beyond. Currently, a great example is Verizon’s FiOS offering packages that range from 50 Mbps to about 300 Mbps. They are ideal for lag free gaming experiences, loads of devices using the internet connection heavily and simultaneously, lightning fast upload/download times, multiple hardcore users downloading or uploading simultaneously. Obviously, these types of connections are also suitable for work environments or getting loads of work done at home in a small amount of time.

Depending on what you typically use the internet for, there is a package waiting out there for you. When you use the internet, if you spend most of that time contacting friends, watching online videos, or browsing websites, you can probably get away with a smaller internet package with around 5-20 Mbps. Power users that need speed to keep up with their computing styles can get more use out of a 30+ Mbps connection. It really all depends on what you want to do and what your needs require.

Avid internet users like author Kristine find comfort in fast download and upload speeds. Thanks to the most recent cable internet advances, those who may their living online are able to carry out their work with less downtime and frustration.