A Guide to Fun Outdoor Gym Equipment for Children

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Energetic and always looking for fun, children will love their own outdoor gym equipment. A perfect way to burn off some energy, kids will be kept thoroughly entertained from dawn till dusk. A great alternative to gazing endlessly at the TV, outdoor gym equipment will allow children to stay healthy and fit whilst having fun.

Here is a guide to some fantastic outdoor gym equipment which is bound to put a smile on everyone’s faces.

Swings and Slides

Those who have the available space will find that swings and slides make for the ultimate outdoor gym equipment. What better way to entertain children than giving them their very own playground? Whilst slides will get children eagerly running back and forth, swings will exercise legs and arms, allowing children to blow off steam. With safety mats available to cushion falls, parents need not worry about their little gems getting hurt.


A great way to occupy excited, energetic children, trampolines make for the perfect addition to your outdoor activity range. Whilst younger children will find much adventure exercising those little legs on small, 3 foot bouncers, bigger kids will love bouncing high on giant, 10 foot trampolines. Additional safety netting can be purchased to put parents at ease and ensure that playing is danger-free. After a hard day at school, children will love nothing more than arriving home to this superb piece of outdoor gym equipment. A great combination of exercise and adventure, trampolines will leave children flying high with happiness…

Trampolines will get children bouncing, beaming and having fun.

Trampolines will get children bouncing, beaming and having fun.

 Space Hoppers

Goofy and adorable, space hoppers will provide amazing outdoor fun. Children can hop about the garden, exploring till their hearts are content. Available in a range of colours and smiley face designs, space hoppers will be loved by little and big kids alike. From the traditional rounded space hopper to the blue horse hopper, there are a variety of superb hoppers to collect and enjoy!

Climbing Frames

Fantastically fun, outdoor climbing frames come in a range of heights. From first-time climbing frames for curious toddlers to higher wooden climbing ladders for daring older children, there are many climbing frames on offer. Whether purchased as an individual item or bought alongside a play frame, climbing rigs will challenge children, and encourage their sense of adventure.

Skipping Ropes

An affordable piece of gym equipment, skipping ropes are a well-loved, exercise classic. Available in a range of colours and designs, boys and girls alike will find skipping ropes designed to suit them. A great way to spend some quality time with children, parents can show kids the old-time, skipping tricks. Having spare skipping ropes available for when friends come to visit is a great way to encourage outdoor play. A spectacular addition to add to the outdoor gym equipment, skipping ropes are a must for those aged 5 plus.

A child skipping

A child skipping


There is a variety of fun-filled outdoor gym equipment that will keep children fit and healthy. From affordable, classic skipping ropes to exciting, huge trampolines, there is a selection of superb equipment on offer to suit every child. Those looking for a way to get children out and about and having fun will find outdoor gym equipment will achieve just that.


By Maria Hubbard


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