Great Birthday Party Sleepover Ideas for Your Tween Girl

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A sleepover is one of the most fun ways to celebrate your tween’s birthday– staying up all night giggling with friends; gorging on junk food; playing games and talking about boys. Generally, you do not need to worry about planning every second. The girls really just want to hang out and have fun. But, since it is a special day, you may want to give some thought to a theme, special foods and fun activities.

Theme Ideas

A theme is really not crucial, but if you are the type who really likes throwing a party and having some cohesiveness to games, decorations and activities, it can work really well. First off, it is a good idea to ask your daughter what she may like to do. Some popular themes include a spa theme where you can do facials, manicures and pedicures—if you have the budget, you might consider hiring someone to paint their nails. If your daughter is more of the outdoorsy type, a campout theme can work well; set up a tent in the backyard and make sure everyone brings their sleeping bags.


When it comes to food, all the typical party fare will go over well. If you want the experience to be a bit more interactive, consider getting the girls involved in preparing the meals rather than relying on some pizza. Perhaps you can set up a taco bar, or have them make their own pizzas. Let them make their own ice cream sundaes or cupcakes. In the morning, set up a waffle bar or make pancakes and set out ingredients to make ‘’faces’’ on them.


Crafts are always a fun idea for sleepovers; it is a way to keep the girls busy and they will have a nice keepsake to take home from the party. Ask each girl to bring a plain white t-shirt and have them customize them at the party. You can get things like fabric paint and beads, or you might want to get some dye and let the girls make their own tie-dye shirts. Friendship bracelets or other types of jewelry is always a hit with tween girls. Beading is also fun, and you can use them to make all sorts of items from bookmarks to hair clips.

Goodie Bags

No party would be complete without a goodie bag; instead of a plain plastic or paper gift bag, consider cloth totes that you can personalize with name labels for kids. Besides the requisite candy treats, you can stuff them with items that fit the theme of the night—if you are doing a spa party for example, you can put in some face packs that you can get at the drug store for a dollar. Other ideas include stationary, make up, cool pens and inexpensive jewelry. You could also include a blank pillowcase that the girls can decorate at the party.

Take Lots of Pictures

Take lots of pictures throughout the night and be sure to get a few of each girl individually. When you send out thank you cards, they can be a great addition.

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