Get in the Habit of Success – 5 Simple Routines that Improve Productivity

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Your daily habits and routines have a tremendous amount of influence over the level of professional success you attain. Time and again, successful people have been shown to adhere to basic habits and daily routines that enable them to enjoy not just professional success and financial freedom, but also robust mental and physical health.

Education is a vital component of success. Getting a master of public administration degree can prepare you for a position of professional leadership; The possible jobs you could qualify for. But education alone may not be enough to get you to the top; simple practices like exercising daily, getting up early and eating breakfast can make a huge difference to your career. Let’s take a look at some of the simple habits that can make or break you professionally.


Get Up Early

Some of the most successful people in history were known to be early risers. Frank Lloyd Wright woke up every day at 4 a.m., and Margaret Thatcher woke up at 5 a.m. Rising early gives you quiet time for yourself before the hectic rush of the workday begins.

If the thought of waking up at 4 a.m. makes you want to dig a hole and hide in it, you’re not alone. But you don’t have to wake up hours before work to take time for yourself in the morning. Wake up early enough to get in a few minutes of calisthenics, eat a quick breakfast while talking with your family, meditate or form your plan of attack for the day. That way, you can tackle your work with a full stomach, a clear head and a positive attitude.

Save the Best for Last

Plenty of people put off doing their most difficult or unpleasant tasks for the end of the workday. This sort of procrastination is understandable; no one wants to face the tasks they dread. But doing those tasks first can help make you more efficient all around.

First of all, you’re probably going to do a better job on your most challenging tasks if you do them in the morning, while you’re still feeling fresh and rested. If you get your least favorite tasks out of the way early in the day, you won’t have to sit around dreading them for hours; you’ll save yourself a lot of stress. You’ll also work more efficiently overall, since you’ll be saving your easier tasks, your busywork and your meetings for the afternoon hours, when your energy will be flagging anyway.

Focus on the Important Tasks

Lots of people mistakenly believe being productive is a matter of getting more done during the day. In fact, productivity means getting through the tasks that really matter.

Go through your daily to-do list and remove tasks that can wait or tasks that don’t need to be done at all. When working, pay attention to your process as you complete projects, and remove any parts of the process that aren’t necessary to its completion.

Keep Learning

The more you focus on improving your knowledge of your field, the more success you’ll enjoy. The most successful people devote a significant amount of time to learning as much as they can about what they do. Learn from your more experienced colleagues by asking informed questions, look for opportunities to do tasks outside of your comfort zone, attend seminars and take classes, and just generally absorb as much as you can. The further you advance in your career, the more complex your job will become; the more you can show your capacity to learn, the more you’ll prove your worth as an expert in your field.

Forget About the Money

Many people spend too much time thinking about the benefits of success — the money and luxuries — and not enough time thinking about how they can become successful in the first place. To become and remain successful, you need to move financial success further down your priority list. Your first priority should be doing your job as well as you can, constantly developing your skills and constantly learning. When you focus on being as valuable as you can to your field, success will follow; keep your needs and expenses simple at first. This way, you can focus on achieving success and enjoying its fruits without the stress of struggling to pay huge bills.

Success isn’t just a matter of having the right education and training. Although education and training are necessary for success in most fields, your daily habits also have a huge impact on your earning potential and career outlook. Work on incorporating these daily habits and routines into your life, and you, too, can enjoy phenomenal success.