From TV to PC: The Truth About Tech

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Technology is an area of keen progression where a single second can generate numerous developments and innovations that propel the entire industry down a new path of discovery.

Over the years, our computers have developed in order to become far more capable than we ever dreamed they would be and some manufacturers have even done away with the traditional tower unit to bring us a PC screen which contains all its processing power and storage behind the screen. Resembling the faithful TV set, these units are a great area of development for the tech industry and demonstrate just how far things have come.

tv to pc

The fact is that when it comes to the TV and the PC, there are now many areas of symmetry between the two. A Smart TV such as those produced by leading brands including Toshiba are internet enabled so that you can do more than just watch a scheduled programme. If you miss a show then catch-up facilities are available and their increased functionality allows users to interact socially through their TV sets.

This means tweeting about a show or joining competitions no longer needs to be conducted on a separate device. Instead you can do it all through your TV, making it the central electrical gadget in your home.

By a similar train of thought, PCs have now begun to resemble TVs in their function. TV licences now cover content which is watched live over the internet using laptops, desktops or tablets and you’ll find plenty of online media players for computer users to make use of. For some people, viewing content is now part of their primary activity when online and that means that computers are no longer the workhorses of yesteryear – although this is still an undeniable part of their use.

For those interested in the truth about TVs and PCs, what you need to know is that the distinction of the two is no longer so well defined. Whilst computers are still primarily a work device while TVs are purely aimed at the entertainment market, this could change over time. Looking back at the developments which have been made already it is only natural to assume that the lines between PCs and TVs will continue to be blurred until were left with a similar situation to that concerning smartphones, tablets and the elusive phablet.