Finding a Worker’s Comp Attorney

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All states have laws regarding workman’s compensation, more commonly referred to as workman’s comp. You are entitled to income replacement and other benefits, if you get hurt on the job. Sometimes, however, the process does not go as smoothly as expected and you may run into hurdles getting the benefits you feel you are entitled to. In this case, you should seek out a lawyer experienced in this area of law, who can represent you, and get you the compensation you seek. Here are some tips for choosing an attorney.

Where to Look

There are plenty of resources available for finding a workman’s compensation attorney. If you currently have a lawyer for any other need, ask him if he can suggest an appropriate attorney.  Local and state bar associations, as well as legal organizations that specifically deal with this area of law are also helpful.

Use legal referral services with caution, as the criteria to get listed can vary greatly. Some have strict requirements regarding experience and other credentials, while others may allow any lawyer with insurance and good standing in the bar association to get listed—two important things for sure, but they do not speak at all to competence.

If you are searching for lawyers online, look carefully at their websites. Are they professionally designed? Does the firm or attorney maintain a blog that discusses issues related to workman’s compensation law?


Naturally you want an attorney who is experienced with handling workman’s compensation cases. There are many different types of cases that fall under the scope of personal injury law, and each has its nuances. A lawyer who handles other types of cases, primarily, such as car accidents, is not in the best position to help you. How much experience does he have dealing with your industry and your type of injury? Does the firm specialize in a certain type of claim?

Furthermore, you should choose an attorney who typically works with employees rather than employers fighting a compensation claim. You also want to find how much experience the attorney has in dealing with your employer’s insurer and their legal representation specifically.

Interview Multiple Lawyers

You should meet with at least two or three worker’s comp lawyers before deciding on representation. In most instances, a consultation will not carry a fee. When meeting with potential attorneys, pay attention to whether they are listening to you, if they seem to have a good grasp of your case and can talk about it intelligently and if they seem to be knowledgeable about this area of law in general. Discuss fees. Typically, these types of lawyers work on contingency, meaning they only get paid if you do. Most states have laws in place regarding how much a lawyer representing a workman’s comp claim can charge the client for services. Find out if the attorney will be the one actually working your case or if it will be passed off to another associate.

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