Fast Car Maintenance Tips

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It is vital that you always plan for the unexpected with your car because if you do not then that is when something could happen that might destroy your day. In order to prevent that from happening with your car here are a few fast car maintenance tips that will help you with properly maintaining your car.

Always review the oil levels that you have weekly. Don’t get slack and assume that just because you reviewed them last week that they are 14014351_s

fine this week. Get into the habit of writing down the oil levels so this way you can check to see if something suspicious might be happening. Never let the oil run dry. The reason why is because the engine will get damaged and it can get ugly after that happens. Check your oil on the same day each week so this way it will be easy for you to remember.

After every single 3,000 miles shows up on your car then change the oil on it. When you do not change your oil then it can become sluggish and dirty, which would be bad news for you,. When you change the oil regularly in your car it helps with being able to reduce the dirt that circulates within the engine of the car.

When you have your oil changed then look into the belts on the car. Sometimes the belts might start acting up or be close to acting up when we don’t even know about it. The air hoses and the fan belt should be looked into and the wear on tear of the belts should be examined.

Every year at some point you need to change the antifreeze on the car. This is something that you should not do on your own unless if you are experienced in it. Instead, make sure that professional flushes out the cooling system on your car. The tanks also should be replaced at the same time. You do not need to do this often. Just doing this once a year should be enough.

You should regularly check the transmission fluid on your car. After 36,000 miles it should be changed. If the head gasket starts to leak then the coolant starts to leak straight into your oil system. When this happens you might be surprised as to how much the repair bill might cost. You want to avoid that repair bill since it’s so expensive and the best way to avoid the bill is simply by getting it checked often. Try your best to get into the habit of stopping first before you shit into driving.

Check out the driveway regularly. Pay attention to your driveway and see if any leaks show up. When it looks like your car is leaking then take it to a professional right away. Don’t delay if you might not know what is causing the problem. Don’t try to fix it yourself if you are not sure because you could end up doing more damage to your car.

Car maintenance is simple and easy but it’s so important to do. If you don’t properly maintain your car then you could be putting yourself and others at risk because the unexpected can happen from poor car maintenance and you want to avoid that from happening as much as possible.