EE shared plans proving a real money saver for cash-strapped families

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EE, the first mobile network operator to launch the next generation of mobile network, 4G, in the UK, announced earlier this year that it would be introduced shared bundles. These packages essentially enabled families to share one comprehensive plan, which each family member could use on their own devices, and receive just one bill at the end of the month.

At the time, EE said of its shared 4GEE plans:

“Share your 4G texts, calls and other bundles between members of your family. It’s great for people with multiple devices”

shared 4gee plans

“Our customers say they find themselves managing several different plans. Life would be simpler and possibly cheaper with one shared plan. One single plan across all their devices.”

A few months on from the launch, EE’s shared plans are proving to be a real money-saver for families as well as making monthly bills for EE 4G broadband services far less complicated. Compared to the cost of buying an individual plan for each member of the family, and the time and effort spent searching for the best EE iPhone deals for the kids, the shared plan represents excellent value and greater simplicity.

For those considering giving it a try, here’s how a typical shared plan would work. There is a lead sharer (presumably a parent) who would sign up for a contract with EE for unlimited texts and minutes, but this person would also add up to four ‘sharers’ to the deal. EE would want to know who the sharers are and what devices they are using, and the four sharers would then use a combined data allowance with just one bill coming in each month. There are also data add-ons that anyone can get, but the lead sharer receives alerts about these add-ons, thereby giving families the perfect way to keep tabs on data use and bills.