Don’t quit on your diet, Try to Readjust

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After months and months of trying and failing, of working out and of dieting with no success we find ourselves at a point where we just want to cry uncle and give into the mesmerizing appearance of the entire tub of ice cream. And while that may be awesome at first, you can’t live your whole life knowing that you gave up on your dream.

But is there something that you can do when you hit rock bottom and can’t think of anything else apart from devouring an entire KFC chicken bowl by yourself? It may seem surprising but you have tremendous power of will even though you never noticed before. Here are a few of the things that you can try when you’re in danger of quitting your diet:


  1. Try something new

Old fashioned diets are in fact… old fashioned for a reason. Low calorie, low carbohydrate diets fail each time because they leave its gullible follower undernourished, undercarbed and wanting more. Let’s speak honestly, no human being can function optimally with under 20 grams of net carbohydrates per day. There are tissues and cells in our body that run exclusively on glucose, our brains for instance, and  it will not allow many and prolonged transgressions.

Although at first your body goes into ketosis in order to produce sugars from lipids in form of ketone bodies, you will not be able to maintain an acidic state for long. Your brain will instinctively lead you to rich and dense calorie food sources (hence food binges on foods like chips, ice cream, biscuits or sweets). Instead of fad diets try something that promises results in the long run and don’t believe when a diet promises overnight or over-week results. They are simply misleading.

  1. Stick to the basics

Whenever you have cravings identify two things: if you are craving sweet or salty and how uncontrollable the craving is. Try to substitute every time you get a craving with natural and unprocessed ingredients: want to eat chocolate? Whip up a batch of natural, raw chocolate mousse with avocado, honey and cocoa. Craving a bit of ice cream?

Deep freeze bananas and blend them in a high power blender. Presto. Craving something salty? Eat some celery stalks or carrots- granted it is not what you want and they will certainly not give you the rush chips do, but they will resolve your craving and make sure you don’t miss out on your diet. Is the craving still there? Then we suggest the TRIMSPA original formula, which will definitely quench your hunger once and for all.

  1. Get a buddy

A diet buddy is a godsend when you feel you can’t go on. It is advisable that you start off with an established buddy so that you can cheer each other on and keep on track when you feel like quitting. Make sure you choose a reliable friend that is also a bit competitive so that you keep the other going if not for some collegial competition, for the friendship you both have.

And most of all, do your research , keep inquiring and find whatever information you need to get you closer to the body and mindset you need to have and want to achieve. You will get there if you believe!