Developing Your Staff with Bespoke Training

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One of the benefits of recruiting staff early and growing your own talent is the opportunity to get people to learn precisely what it is you need them to in order for them to develop into the kind of employees you want them to be.

With a development programme, you have the opportunity to specify precisely the areas where employees need to grow their skills and experience in order for them to excel in their jobs.

By offering regular training and development opportunities for your team members that are tailored to both the company’s and their needs, you will gain a workforce that is precisely fit for your purposes. In addition, you’ll have an attractive place to work where learning and development is taken seriously and people feel valued.

Development versus training

The difference between a development programme and a training programme is essentially in the scope. While a training programme will focus on making sure your teams have the specific knowledge and skills to perform competently in their roles, a development programme will grow them further, focusing on more transferable skills.

Such programmes are typically aimed at more holistic development of individuals to fulfil their potential. Developing managers and leaders of the future is a principal aim of programmes that wish to select their key players from amongst the pool of people they’ve grown internally rather than recruiting outside the company.

Development activities can be much more diverse and challenging than straightforward task-specific training

Development activities can be much more diverse and challenging than straightforward task-specific training

Creating a development plan

As with any development programme, you’re likely to need to find a mix of learning about specific job-related topics and more transferrable skills that develop your employees as individuals. Combining training about aspects of the work you’re asking of your teams that relate to processes or systems that are specific to your company will equip your staff to do an effective job in your particular workplace. For example, training sessions on computer systems, products offered by your firm or training in safety and security gets your staff up to speed and ready to do the day to day work.

Planning for development of your staff is a much more carefully balanced process

Planning for development of your staff is a much more carefully balanced process

Your development plan can include elements of job-specific training mixed with more general skills training such as leadership, change management and more advanced customer service and sales skills that will take your employees to the next level of their careers.

Working with a training company that offers bespoke training packages that blend off-the-shelf sessions with topics more relevant to and developed specifically for your company allow you to retain ultimate control over what your team learns, how they learn it and how it links in with their job performance.

Benefits of bespoke training for organisational development

There are many benefits that come from the ability to offer expertly developed and delivered bespoke training and development in your organisation. Principally, offering bespoke training is cost-effective. Rather than sending your employees outside the company to receive training that is only partly suited to their needs, you have training that is uniquely fitted to the precise development requirements of your organisation.

When your company gets a reputation for being a training organisation, people will want to work for you. Training and development budgets are one of the first things that are cut when times are tight financially, but they’re an excellent way of reducing the costs your company incurs through recruitment and turnover of staff. Growing your staff and promoting internally also reduces the costs to your firm of expensive recruitment and selection processes and delivers staff who are already fitted for the jobs you want them to do.


A development plan and programme for your staff brings a range of opportunities.


In addition to creating an attractive organisation for recruitment and retention of staff, development planning enables you to meet the needs of your organisation more exactly and grow the talent your business needs from within. Consider booking Creativedge training course



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