Designing a Good Residential Landscape

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It is a quite well-known fact that the first impression is the last impression. People tend to make judgement on the basis of what strike them first about any particular thing and it’s very difficult to change that perception. It is no different in case of houses either. Often the view from the outside concedes the characteristics, inner values and the social status of the homeowner. That is where landscaping comes into the picture.

Landscape designing is a kind of an art. There are several aspects of a good landscape designing and here we will discuss some of them:

  • Selecting the elements: Selection of the elements which serve as the ornaments for the landscape as well as deciding the proportion is crucial. It requires proper planning in order to decide the kind of tress to be planted as well as the ratio between the plant and other elements to lawns.
  • Choosing the colour: This aspect will take care of the visual aspect which helps in creating an aura around the house. The choice of colour will to a large extent decide the ambience of the space. While red, yellow or orange creates a feeling of warmth, blue and green gels well with the background and create a soothing effect.
  • Deciding the mix: It’s a good idea to throw a mix of elements as well as colours. Grass, shrubs and bushes thrown into the mix of larger trees would create a feel of being close to nature and would attract wildlife which will further add to the beauty. And rather than selecting one particular colour, a combination of colour will help in creating a picturesque view and an important portion can be highlighted using bold colours.
  • Template designing: It’s quite difficult to decide what you would like till you actually see it. That’s where design software could be useful. You can create a graphical replica of the landscape and see what you like and what needs to be modified.
  •  Flexibility of the designing: Tastes and preferences change over time. So, you should design a landscape keeping in mind the adaptability to change. Otherwise, it could prove to be a costly affair to entirely redesign the landscape from scratch, in case need for modification arises.

Designing landscape is as important as designing your house. So, to get an optimum result you should probably hire a landscape designer or architect to plan it for you. However, if cost is a big constraint then you can probably make your own landscaping plan. You can start with planting of smaller trees and flowers and designing the lighting.

A good landscape design can affect your health and mind in many ways. It provides the sense of peace and helps to relax after a busy day of work. Thus, the time and money you put in it are well worth. Keep in mind, that it’s the creativity that will help you make a good design. So, do experiments with it and keep on improving. organic horticulture course by and tafe horticulture courses are valuable additions to the portfolio of any landscaping professional.