Deciding Between Shaving and Laser Hair Removal: The Pros and Cons

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Are you on the fence about whether to get laser hair removal? Perhaps you like the idea of being permanently hair-free, but aren’t sure about paying the high price?

If you are wondering about whether laser hair removal is right for you, take a look at the pros and cons of shaving and laser hair removal below.

Laser Hair Removal

Shaving Pros

Shaving is a classic way to remove hair. Shaving has many pros that make it a simple choice for millions of people. First, shaving is easy. You can’t get any easier than a simple razor and a soapy lather or shaving cream. Shaving is a very low-cost activity. It is possible to remain hair-free for under $5 per month. Shaving gives a clean, close shave that is enviable and keeps your skin as smooth as possible. Shaving also acts as an exfoliator, helping to keep your skin soft and supple every day. When you shave, you can control where to shave and how long or short to cut the hair. You can arrange your hair into a variety of styles with a razor.

Buying supplies for shaving is also a breeze. Shaving sets make purchasing shaving supplies easier than ever, and you can find a variety of scents, razor options, and brushes to suit every taste.

Shaving Cons

While there are many benefits to shaving, there are a few drawbacks as well. Shaving can cause a few issues that some people may not like. Shaving takes time every day. If you don’t shave every day, the hair keeps growing back. Hair prickles can be annoying, and shaving may cause razor bumps and ingrown hairs, which are unsightly and can be painful. You might cut yourself while shaving, which can cause scarring and pain. Certain shaving supplies can get quite expensive, which is a deterrent to shaving for some people.

Laser Hair Removal Pros

According to Web MD, laser hair removal has many benefits. Laser hair removal can be permanent. Once the hair is gone, it will never come back. Once the hair is gone, you never have to worry about it growing back. Your time is freed up, and you never have to shave again. Laser hair removal is entirely painless, and after just a few treatments, you never have to worry about unwanted hair again. Your body will be as smooth as you want it without the hassle and time it takes to shave.

Laser Hair Removal Cons

Although laser hair removal can be beneficial, there are also a few problems with it. The main problem with laser hair removal is the cost. It can cost thousands of dollars to remove the hair from all of the areas that you want. It usually takes a period of several weeks or months to remove all of the hair successfully, in which time you must still deal with long hair. Sometimes, the treatment is not fully successful. This leaves you with odd patches of hair that you cannot remove except by shaving or waxing like you did in the past. It is possible that if the treatment goes badly, you could end up with permanent burn scars or skin discoloration.

Which method to choose?

As there are benefits and drawbacks to both processes, it really is up to your personal preferences. If you are fed up with shaving, you may want to invest the time and money into permanently removing the hair. Otherwise, you will probably get just as much, or more, satisfaction out of removing your hair through shaving.