Custody With Great Lawyers

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A battle over custody of a child is an issue that is often settled before anything even happens at all. The reason why this is so would be the amount of fear that people have when it comes to taking advantage of the legal system and the protections that have been put in place.


As a result, parents tend to assume that the child is going to end up with the mother and leave this that way because of this assumption. When this happens, the best interest of the child is not something that is being put before any other consideration that is entering the issue. Simply assuming what the court would be may likely be one of the biggest mistakes that you could make as a parent. It is important that you fight for what you believe is best for the child instead of simply giving in.

The first thing that you want to do would be to call Bikel & Mandarano and speak to someone about the details of the situation that you are struggling with at the moment. When you are able to talk to a lawyer, you would have the comfort of knowing where you stand when it comes to the possibility of getting custody of the child and being able to provide a home for them. Do not simply give up your chance at being the best parent that you could be, this is something that you would always regret.

Contacting Bikel & Mandarano as quickly as possible would help you to begin making action a part of the way that you are dealing with the serious legal troubles that you are having. It can be very easy to feel like there is nothing that you can do in order to prevent the child from living with the mother. However, it is very likely that you would be able to demonstrate an ability to provide care of a higher quality that the child would benefit from.

If it is possible to demonstrate this in a court of law, you can count on having custody of your child and being able to shape their future in a way that is very meaningful. The most difficult thing about having a child is worrying about the world that they are going to face when they become older. However, much of what they will do would be about how you raise them when they are young. Simply giving custody to the mother may not be what is going to be best for the child in question.

As such, you should think about if you are able to provide financially for the needs of the child. Additionally, you need to consider if you have extra time to provide additional care that the child is going to need when growing up. In the event that you feel both of these things would be best in your household, going after custody of your child is simply about having the right legal team to help.