Curtain Treatments That Will Turn Your Room From Drab to Fab

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There are not many aspects to our homes that offer as much beauty as our windows, which allow us to view the world outside in all its glory. We may not have the most spectacular view, but by simply letting in bundles of natural light and fresh air, windows truly are a positive influence. It is because of this that our windows deserve to be decorated and well, celebrated for all their beauty.

One of the best ways to refresh your decor and home is to change your curtains/blinds. As many of us can’t afford to keep changing our key pieces of furniture, this is an affordable way to upgrade our decor and keep our homes fresh.

Curtain Treatments

Here are some of the best ways to adorn your windows that can create both peace and harmony within your home.

Choose your accent colour or style

A great way to make your windows a key feature within your home is to look at the integral colours in your home and your life. One of the most important things in our homes is to make sure they represent our personalities, individually and as a family. Using your curtains to display your style is a great way to add some life to your decor.

Now, as this is a very personal decision, there are no set rules and with such a variety of curtains to choose from, the decision has to come from you. However you may want to start by looking at a store that offers a wide variety of choice, Littlewoods Ireland curtains for example, have an extensive range with many colours, patterns and styles.

Choosing Blinds or Curtains

The decision to get blinds or curtains will depend on the style of room and windows you have. Venetian windows, for example, are generally very long and wide; this may mean that you would have to get blinds specially made to cover the windows. For bathrooms, the most popular choice is to have a blind, for both security and the ease of cleaning. The choice of window decoration really is dependent upon room, but here are some general rules that will help you make the right decision for you.

  • Home office – anywhere that has a window that casts sunlight onto a screen, such as a computer is the perfect space for a blind. As blinds can be installed to still let natural light in and take away glare from screens, these are the perfect style for home offices.
  • Bedrooms – curtain are the traditional choice for bedrooms for the sheer fact that they are better for blocking out natural light. If it is sunny and you want a lie in; you don’t want to be woken up by the bright morning sun.
  • Living rooms – this is an either or room, i.e you could have either one of the choices dependent upon the style of windows you have and your personality.

Decide upon length

This is often the most confusing part about buying curtains or blinds. You could have your curtains the full length of curtain pole to floor, or have them stop at your window sill. The reality is that you will have to look at your personal circumstances to make this important decision.

If you have small children, then you have to consider the risk of tripping over long curtains. If they hang too long, that they are draped on the floor, then this is definitely a safety issue for toddlers. Likewise, if you are looking for the right pair of curtains for your bedroom, then the length may be decided by the fabric you choose and company you purchase them from. These curtains from come in one length, which as long as you have measured your space, is an easier and less expensive option than having tailor made curtains.