College Football Game Tradition and Guide to be Winner

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There are many odd traditions in college football and the sort of things that make casual fans scratch their heads in bewilderment are in many instances the exact same things that make extremely zealous fanatical fans love their favorite past time even more.

Building a successful college football program requires several key ingredients; the work to build losers into winners has begun. It is appropriate now, to look at some of the significant elements required for building football tradition. To the true college sports fan, nothing sounds sweeter than the deafening roar of the crowd, or a victory cheer when the home team scores. It’s thousands of fans sporting face and body paint and temporary logo tattoos, swinging towels, flying banners, and chanting support for their uniformed heroes. It’s about history, tradition, and time honored rivalries.

Little recruiting has been done and there is no history for a star recruit to look at to help in his decision to attend. It is in these first years though, that the average viewer really learns who can coach and who can’t. If you have a team made up of essentially walk-on players taking the field football game tradition, you are going to find out who can motivate his team to play its best. And every now and then, you get a huge upset. That is why we keep tuning in the guide college football game day tradition from our cable companies.

Football Traditions Infographic