Collecting Your Child Support Payment Shouldn’t Be Difficult!

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Collecting child support shouldn’t be difficult but it often is. This is especially true in the case of a single custodial parent who is trying to collect child support on their own or with the help of a government child support collection agency. A single parent faces many economic challenges that make receiving regular child support payments an essential part of their budget. Unfortunately, many people do not willingly send the custodial parent the child support payments as ordered by the court. Some people even take actions to hide assets to avoid meeting their child support obligations.

child support payment

The child support collection process can be difficult and time consuming and may take an extensive investigation to discover where the debtor parent lives, works and banks. Additional investigation may be needed to discover what assets the debtor owns that can possibly be seized to satisfy their past or present child support obligations. All states have departments designed to assist parents in collecting child support from the responsible parent. Child support back payments can easily run into the thousands of dollars, but government agencies tend to be too overworked and understaffed to provide the immediate assistance that is needed. A single parent can feel ignored and lost in the shuffle when phone calls result in long waits listening to automated message machines and voice mails. Caseworkers can be slow in responding to letters and phone calls and the paperwork can be mind boggling.

Hiring a private child support enforcement agency is a better and more efficient way to get fast results. Private agencies are affordable because they work on a contingency fee basis and are more motivated to get results because they do not get paid unless they are successful. Private agencies also have the resources to get fast results and have attorneys, investigators and other professionals who are readily available to work on your case. A caseworker is always available to discuss the progress on your case.

A child support enforcement agency has the legal power and authority to enforce your child support order. The paperwork will be handled by experienced professionals who are experts in the field of child support. These experts can tackle difficult enforcement cases, such as when the debtor parent lives in another state from the custodial parent. Also, independent collection agencies are experts in locating the assets of a debtor parent. Once discovered, these assets can be attached and used to pay child support back payments. Independent agencies are easy to hire and can get fast results. An independent child support collection agency is the best choice for collecting delinquent child support.