Choosing Customized POS Displays

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As consumers, we’re often spoilt for choice. With so many different brands vying for our attention, it’s often the case that a typical consumer won’t make a clear-cut decision on what to buy until they reach the point of sale – a moment of truth in the purchasing process. With this in mind, marketers have realised the importance of converting shoppers at this critical point in the purchase chain.

POS Displays

Research has suggested there are a number of ways to increase brand awareness at the point of sale. Firstly, it’s important to analyse the market situation of your brand, and define any objectives based on your current market position. Once this has been established, it’s then time to begin planning precisely how your POS campaign is going to work in attracting consumers to your product in particular, by comparing and contrasting with your competitors.

It goes without saying that brand awareness plays a huge part in consumer product selection. Using your logo across a variety of different platforms serves to increase familiarity with your brand, and as such it should be used at every possible juncture in a consumer’s journey – on your website, your social media pages, your customer correspondence and crucially, your point of sale displays.

The good news is that customised, brand-specific POS displays needn’t take up too much of your overall marketing budget. It’s now possible to purchase fully customisable durable Perspex POS units from  to suit almost any product – from retail standards such as CD’s and magazines, to slatwall shelving for generic product storage to more specialised supports for jewellery and footwear, it’s possible to have customised POS displays printed onto substrates up to 48mm thick, allowing for brand-specific POS displays to store almost all products, regardless of size or weight.