Cat Breeders Forced Abroad

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There is no doubt about the fact that by and large us Brits are pet lovers. So, when we hear news of people mistreating animals it raises a furore and the perpetrators are often shunned by the rest of the animal loving public. Such was the case for Dean and Diane Webb.


Court Case took 3 Years to be Heard

Dean and Diane were, amongst other things, cat lovers. They kept our feline friends, both for breeding and for showing. That is until they received a visit from the local RSPCA. The RSPCA had received an anonymous tip from a member of the public that the Webb’s were maltreating the creatures in their care. They were charged with cruelty and a court hearing was scheduled for some weeks later. As it turns out, it was actually three years later.

Anonymous Death Threats

In the meantime, however, not only were they shunned by their neighbours, but they began to receive anonymous death threats too. The situation became so bad that they were eventually forced to move home. The animals that were in their possession had already been removed by the RSPCA.

Forced Abroad

To escape the unwanted publicity and any further harassment, Dean and Diane decided to move abroad. They first moved to Malta, and then to France .They returned to the UK in preparedness for the court hearing, but wishing to avoid any further hassle, they decided to re-establish their new home in Warwickshire, 100 miles away from their previous home in Barrow on Trent.

Not Guilty!

When the hearing eventually took place at South Derbyshire magistrates courts, the couple were found not guilty. Unfortunately, none of their animals were ever returned to them, including Harry, a pedigree Selkirk Rex, their Devon Rex and their British shorthaired.

Were the RSPCA too Heavy Handed?

This incident only serves to highlight recent criticism that has been levelled against the RSPCA for their rather heavy-handed approach. It seems to have been overlooked that you are not guilty until the case has been proven. In the case of Dean and Diane Webb, the incident not only destroyed their livelihood, but it shattered their social lives as well. Mr Webb is understandably angry with the RSPCA and thinks that people should avoid giving them donations in the future. But, of course, in the cold light of day, the RSPCA do conduct some excellent work, and are instrumental in preventing many cases of animal cruelty, and bringing the perpetrators to justice.

Don’t Lose your Pet

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