Cartoon Character Onesies for Your Little One

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Children have always loved cartoon characters, so it only makes sense for this to be reflected in the clothing they wear. Bright, cheery colours and whimsical characters are perfect for the little ones you love, especially when they are toddlers. It seems like nothing suits a child as much as a happy cartoon animal or popular character that lives a ‘toon’ life!

Onesies are the best choice of practical clothing for kids, since they are comfortable and convenient. The range of options that you will find these days encompasses everything from nature to science, but cartoon characters have always been the most popular choice. Well-known cartoons are traditional favourites, but new designs that offer whimsy and style are great too!

Cartoon Character Onesies

When you are picking out clothing for a child, there is nothing that catches your eye as fast as a cute cartoon duck, teddy bear or monkey. In fact, you can even find fantasy creatures like dragons and unicorns being adapted as adorable designs that are printed or embroidered on kids’ clothing. There is no design that is too far-fetched for the task!

How to Choose Between Different Styles and Designs

When you are buying onesies for a child, you can choose just about any colour or designs, since children can wear all kinds of colours well. Still, there are a few options that are always popular, especially depending on the age of the child, the gender and the kind of weather that you generally face in the area you live in.

Onesie Styles

For children who are really small and still in diapers, onesies with bottom flaps are the best choice, as the diaper can be accessed without completely uncovering the child. As they grow, other versions with shorts or pants-styled leg coverings will let them crawl around without hurting their knees. They can also move to button-downs as they are toilet trained.

The material should be soft and the fit comfortable so that the child or baby’s skin is not irritated with any rubbing or chafing. Natural fabrics are the best since they are less likely to cause rashes or reactions, especially with sensitive skin. Short legs and sleeves are great for warmer weather while full sleeves and longer pant legs with are best for colder days.

Colours and Designs

Pink, purple and pastel shades have always been favoured for little girls. Trimmed with lace or frills, they make a very feminine outfit for a little lady! Colours like blue and red are traditionally chosen for a boy’s outfit, with solid blocks or stripes being the pattern of choice. These days, however, gender-specific colours are not given much importance and they can be interchanged.

Colours like green, yellow and neutral whites are appropriate for any child and the variety of cartoon character prints or embroidery that you can get are mind-blowing! There is also a growing trend for adult onesies that are designed as kigurumi characters from Japanese cartoons.

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