Can Falling in Love be that Expensive?

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Rate Supermarket has recently come up with a figure related to how much dating can cost. They have calculated that on average from first date to marriage, over a two year period a couple can spend $43,842.08. This seems like a huge amount, but they have very carefully worked it out.

How to Spend Less on Dates

It may sound rather unromantic to consider spending less on dates in order to save money. However, if it really does add up to that much money, imagine what you could have if you did not spend all of it! You could have a deposit for a house, a nest egg for retirement or just a lovely pile of savings.

Spending less need not be difficult or mean that you have less of a good time either. You may also appreciate the more extravagant dates more, if they happen less frequently. You could have more dates at home, where you cook a meal for each other and watch TV or a video, for example. Going for walks or picnics can be romantic as well.

Doing it together

It is important that both people in the relationship are in agreement with regards to the budget. Once you start thinking about your future together, then it is wise to discuss how you feel about things financially. You will need to decide about how you split bills and whether you put all of your funds together or not. You will need to consider whether you want to save towards a house deposit or not and even think about retirement planning. It can be a lot to think about before you have even got married, but it is important to get it sorted out. The financial plans you make will determine how much your wedding costs and how much you spend on holidays and dates.

The Future

It is very important to consider whether you will feel happier in the future knowing that you were frugal earlier on in your relationship. If you think that will regret not having more expensive dates, more breaks away and holidays then make sure that you have them. Likewise with the engagement and wedding, if you feel you will regret it if you do not make them lavish occasions, then do so.

It is important not to have regrets in life. It can make you very sad and this is why people do spend this sort of money. They can look back on that time of life and the fun that they had and feel happy. However, you may have regrets about spending too much money. You may feel that it was not worth it and you would have been better off using it for other things. If this is the case, then you should make sure that you have a budget and stick carefully to it. Enjoy the things that you spend money on, but make sure that they are worth it and think through your spending decisions. Then you will know that you will not be able to regret them in the future.

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