CafeFurniture: A key to successful cafe

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Establishing a cafe warrants astute planning and attention to several factors which come together in making a business successful. The quality of food, services, complimenting drinks etc. are certainly relevant, but equally important is how inviting and warm your place is. Restaurateurs frequently ignore the vital role cafe furniture plays to augment the overall atmosphere of their space.

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Spacing the layout – The foremost consideration is to skillfully utilize the carpet area. The theme could be rustic, contemporary, urban, and classic or techno – it is imperative that the colors and seating allows enough room for the patrons to be comfortable and warm. If your techno theme calls for more music and flat screen displays across the board, ensure that they’re not uncomfortable close to the customers. The classic theme might call for large, ornate cafe chairs – but pay attention that there is enough room to pull it back when they leave their table, or there’s enough room between adjoining cafe tables to ensure privacy. Besides, cramming up too many seating arrangements close to each-other would most likely make the area too noisy. Small details like this go some way in making it an easy surrounding.

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Quality of cafe furniture – It is important to invest once, and invest well. Instead of trying to cut corner on the initial cost, it is always advisable to go for rugged and sturdy furnishing. Not only would it keep your reputation intact, it would also prevent injuries and losses while you’re on the move.Quality is also as much about the comfort, as it is about durability. If the cafe chairs are gorgeous but give you back-ache, your guests might not be in a hurry to return, if at all.

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Picking the theme – This is a one-shot effort to represent your location, food or drink and the class of the place. A good set-up with appropriate furnishing and upholstery to embellish immediately conveys far-sightedness and attention to detail. No theme is complete without suitable lighting to underscore the subject. Choosing the right kind of cafe tables would help uphold the concept of your cafe and give it the requisite dose of seamlessness. It is important to consider the ease of portability and cleaning as well. A well maintained set of cafe furniture would always appeal more to the patrons. Decking up too much could seem jarring, and going over minimalistic may fall short of catering to the minimum required workload for the traffic. Keeping the balance just right is imperative.

As we document above, cafefurniture’s play a vital role in the nascent stages of a cafe while continuing to score brownie points even for time-honored establishments. In the present era of packaging and marketability they form the first impression and that critical ‘appreciative inquisitiveness’ which gets the business fresh traffic.

Mark Long is a furnishing specialist with particular interest in cafe decor. He is a long-standing advisor to several establishments on best ways to leverage their cafe furniture.