Build Your Mailing List Through Joint Ventures

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When people think of joint ventures, they typically think about people getting affiliates and having them promote their product.  There is so much more to a joint venture partnership.  There is an almost endless amount of ways that you can joint venture with people.

So how do you go about finding people to joint venture with? One thing that you can do is look for marketers that put out good free products that they use to build their mailing lists. One of the easiest places to find these is on marketing forums such as the Warrior Forum. Click on signatures and you will often be taken to a squeeze page where the marketer is giving away a freebie. You can also find free special offers in the Warrior Special Offer section of the forum – these special offer products are used by marketers to build their lists.

These types of people are good for two reasons. One is that you should always be on the lookout for quality free products to promote to your lists.  The second is that you already know the marketer has a list, so you may be able to get them to promote your product or squeeze page to that list in return for you doing the same for them.

 After you find what you’re looking for, just start contacting people.  Let them know how much they would benefit from this. Let them know that they can please their list by giving them a great free product and they get their list built, for free and all they have to do is send a message to their list.

 You can even offer to write the message to send to their list for them. So, that makes it even easier on them and if your product is good, a lot of people will take you up on your offer.

 It is free publicity. You’re also making your list happy by giving them a quality free product and you’re building your list at the same time. It is a win win situation.

 The possibilities are really endless with this strategy.  You will never run out of potential people to work with. There are so many marketers out there, in about any niche that you can think of and there are always new people coming into Internet Marketing or expanding into new niche markets.

Again, with all Internet Marketing strategies, you have to put them to use.  Create your free product or use some really good private label rights and create your squeeze page and start scouring your niche for people you might be able to work with.

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