Breaking A Car Lease – Possible Way Outs

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If you have a car on lease, you must have been enjoying it and loving every bit of its ride. But sometimes, the payments can become a bit tough to make for most people. Having a low monthly income is not the only cause of monthly installments getting tougher, some people move abroad or some simply doesn’t like the car anymore and want to change it for a better option. When you have decided that you want to end the lease of your car for whatever reason, the reality will hit you that Getting into a lease was a lot easier, whereas getting out of that lease is not only difficult but dangerous as well for your financial credit history.

Getting out of the lease of your car is far tougher than just simply paying a penalty. It is not like ending any other agreement, such as Cell Phone Agreement or others. The payments that you make on your auto leasing agreement are legally binding and breaking the lease can have severe implications. It can become a costly process, though the exact expense depends on how close you are to the end of your lease. If your lease is about to end in a few months, you might not have to pay any extra-ordinary payment to clear your lease.

It is highly critical to read your Leasing agreement of your car very closely and try to understand each and every fine print there is in it. It is better to ask your lender about all the questions that may pop-up in your mind regarding the lease and sign the contract only when you are 100% satisfied with all the terms and conditions of the leasing agreement. Otherwise you may end up paying much more money if you decide to end the contract at any stage of the lease.

The best option in most cases is to transfer the lease of your car to someone else; you can transfer the lease to any of your friends or family members and have them pay the rest of your leased amount. However, it is critical to perform all the necessary processes and have them properly documented to ensure that nothing comes up at a later stage, and you really have no liability towards the leased car.

Some companies specialize in transferring the lease from one person to another which ensures that they get their money back by hook or by crook and provides a sense of protection to the lender. This gives the person who leased the car initially to avoid paying high amount of money when he decides to break the lease as well. Hence it becomes a favorable option for both the parties.

There are other options available as well to get rid of your lease without paying huge sums of money such as, buying the car by paying full amount equal to the value of the car and then selling it in the market. Or lease a new car of your choice from the same leasing company.

There are a variety of options available to come out of such situation without having to get financially unstable. Everyone has his/her own situation with specific requirements, therefore before making the decision, understand your requirements thoroughly and ensure that the solution meets your requirements completely.

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