B2B Sales Tips: Selling to the Modern Business Person

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Any skilled sales person possesses a basic skill set that guides them through the selling process, regardless of their customer. These skills are learned, honed, and ultimately perfected through years of hard work and training in the field. As your selling process is perfected, it can fit a large majority of customers perfectly, and repeat itself successfully time and again. Then, along comes the day when you’re hired at a new company that sells to a new kind of customer that couldn’t be more different from everything you know: a business owner or employee. In this new arena of “B2B” sales, you have to change some key factors in the way you proceed and communicate. Take a look at this short article that will give you some key tips on selling B2B, for the modern business person.

B2B Sales Tips

B2B 101 – Setting the Tone

The first thing you have to realize about nearly any business person who’s buying a product from you is the “ROI” factor. ROI stands for “Return on Investment” – this is the calculation or assumption of what profit will return from the purchase investment of a product; simply considered cost. You see, in the business world, there is no “impulse buying”, or at least there shouldn’t be. Employees and owners don’t buy things just because they want to, or they feel like they’re cool; they need to make sure they will bring profit revenue to their company. In turn, the tone of your marketing and sales conversation needs to switch to this focus indefinitely. Gone are the days of talking about how products make someone “feel”, or how “good they look”. Your new claims and jargon, and your general tone need to center around the data, and your mindset needs to be there all the time.

B2B Marketing – Tools that Connect

With modern B2C marketing, there’s no limit to the ways you can flash products and meaningless slogans at people to get them interested in buying your product. Is any pair of sneakers really better than the next? Probably not; it’s all about association and relative popularity. With B2B, the focus is deeper, and if you’re claiming superiority over your competition, you need to back it up. For this reason, you don’t have as many options, in terms of marketing mediums, to push your message to the world. Instead, you’ll need to focus your efforts and investment capitol on marketing mediums that work best for B2B. Generally, these are things that not only represent the surface level of stating your claims and values; but go deeper by actually acting as examples of what you can do to grow your client’s business. For example, if you want to advertise marketing services to a business, you’ll want to use printed marketing materials strategically placed into a direct mail campaign. These would be things like custom postcards tailored with your message, and perhaps including a glued on gift card. As the customer gets hooked with your quality marketing materials, they’ll also see that they can get the same success if they buy from you.

Stay Top of Mind

The modern business employee / owner is extremely busy; which makes them that much more likely to forget where they purchased products when it’s time to renew. Furthermore, unlike someone in their own life who is almost always in charge of their own purchases – businesses frequently change the individuals in purchasing positions. Without proper direction, each new employee is left to figure out where to buy a given product/solution – even if the company has enjoyed purchasing form a previous provider already. This is why you need to stay extremely top of mind with constant follow up calls, emails and letters to help the company as a whole possess a lasting feel for where that given solution is fulfilled. If you stay connected with an employee who truly values your product and customer service, you’ll probably find them actually referring you and your company to the next employee as they leave. The point is, in sales it’s always a good idea to stay top of mind; but in B2B sales, it’s absolutely essential.